Anne-Marie - 'Touch / Shape Of You' (Cover) (Capital Live Session)


Rita Ora with Roman Kemp

WATCH: Roman Kemp Drags Rita Ora And A Psychic In A Room Just To See If He'll End Up With Her. Shameful.

1 day ago

Rita Ora

Katy Perry and Roman Kemp Water Rats

WATCH: "He's SUPER Turned On!" - Katy Perry Rinses Roman Kemp As He Breaks Out In Hives During Their Chat

1 day ago

Katy Perry

Katy Perry & Roman Kemp Facetime

Katy Perry Finally Opened Up About That Ariana Grande Collab Rumour To Roman Kemp

5 days ago

Katy Perry

Liam Payne Lie Detector Roman Kemp

WATCH: "This Is Horrible" - Liam Payne Grilled A 1D Fan On A Lie Detector, Exposing Some Nasty Truths!

8 days ago

FaceTime Danny with Capital Breakfast

WATCH: We FaceTimed The Lad Who Did His Essay At A Party, And He May Regret "Lying To The Press"...

9 days ago

James Arthur Live Session

WATCH: James Arthur Proves He's A Musical Genius By Mashing Up 'Into You' And 'Ignition' In Our Live Session

9 days ago

James Arthur with Roman Kemp

WATCH: We Surprised A James Arthur Mega Fan With... Actual James Arthur Serenading Her. Jealous Much?

11 days ago

Harry Styles and Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp

WATCH: A Mariachi Band Sang Harry Styles' Tweets, And His Reaction Was The Most Priceless Reaction EVER!

22 days ago

One Direction

Charlie Puth Capital First with Roman Kemp

WATCH: We Dare You Not To Get Jealous When You See Charlie Puth Serenading A Fan Over Her Breakfast!

23 days ago

Ed Sheeran Shirlie Kemp Facetime

WATCH: Ed Sheeran Called Roman Kemp's Mum To Beg For Forgiveness Over THAT Tattoo

25 days ago

Ed Sheeran