Who Is Coupled Up On Love Island 2024? Every Couple Listed

13 June 2024, 22:26 | Updated: 20 June 2024, 12:31

These are the Love Island 2024 couples
These are the Love Island 2024 couples. Picture: ITV

By Abbie Reynolds

After every Love Island recoupling this is the place to be to find out who's coupled up with who.

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Love Island has settled back into our lives after its launch night on Monday 3rd June, with singles like Patsy Field, Ronnie Vint, Harriett Blackmore and others looking for love in the villa.

On the first day of the show, the islanders are always flung into new pairings which can make or break their time on the show. In some cases these couples make it to the end of the show together but in most cases, bombshells, new connections and casa amor change their fate.

As host Maya Jama continues to keep the islanders on their toes with classic Love Island twists, we'll keep you updated on every couple, new and old, at the recouplings.

Who are the Love Island 2024 couples?
Who are the Love Island 2024 couples? Picture: ITV

Who are the Love Island 2024 couples?

Here's who's coupled up with who:

  • Ciaran and Nicole
  • Ronnie and Tiffany
  • Joey and Grace
  • Sean and Harriett
  • Mimii and Ayo
  • Omar and Jess
  • Uma and Wil

During the first episode the islanders were tasked with ranking the boys and girls in most to least boyfriend and girlfriend material. Instead of the public voting for the couples this year, the ranking made by the cast decided their couples.

So, Mimii and Munveer were voted the 'most' girlfriend and boyfriend material which meant they were paired together. And similarly Harriett and Ciaran found themselves matched after being ranked as the 'least' girlfriend and boyfriend material.

These couples changed quickly after the introduction of bombshells, like Joey Essex and Uma Jammeh, who mixed up the pairings.

Joey Essex entered the villa as the first bombshell
Joey Essex entered the villa as the first bombshell. Picture: ITV

After bombshell Joey stole Sam Taylor's girl, Samantha Kenny, the rest of the lads are likely holding on very tight to their couple right now in the fear that they'll be left single and at risk of a being dumped just like Sam.

Then when it was Uma's turn she picked to couple up with Ayo, leaving Mimii single. But Mimii was then sent on a date for new bombshell 'Omar'. While leaving for her date, Mimii turned to the cameras and whispered, 'Thank you'.

On the tenth episode, Munveer and Patsy were sent packing after being one of the couples who received the least public votes. The choice then cam down to their islanders who chose to send them home.

Love Island's Joey Essex and Samantha talk children

In the second recoupling the Love Island producers really said 'NO MORE LOVE TRIANGLES', as boys Ronnie and Ayo were given a taste of their own medicine since the girls were the ones choosing the couples.

Ronnie was hoping Jess would pick him but she went with her head and chose sweet boy Sean. Ayo had both Mimii and Uma at his fingertips until Uma chose to do what she felt would make her happier in the long run and coupled up with Omar.

The islanders as Konnor and Matilda arrived as new bombshells
The islanders as Konnor and Matilda arrived as new bombshells. Picture: ITV

It's been a tumultuous time in Love Island, with Joey's ex Grace Jackson entering the villa and stealing him off of Samantha who ended up dumped from the island.

Then, Ronnie found himself in a brand new love triangle with the arrival of bombshell Tiffany who coupled up with him, leaving Harriett to chose Sean - his second friendship couple.

We'll update this page every time the couples change!

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