'Ayo's Giving People Pleaser' Says Love Island Icon Indiyah Polack

12 June 2024, 13:06 | Updated: 12 June 2024, 17:17

Indiyah has been dissecting the Love Island 'love square'
Indiyah has been dissecting the Love Island 'love square'. Picture: ITV

By Abbie Reynolds

Love Island icon Indiyah has been dissecting the series 11 love 'square' between Ayo, Omar, Mimii and Uma on 'The Morning After' podcast.

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Speaking on the Love Island: The Morning After podcast available on Global Player, ex islander Indiyah Polack sat down with Amy Hart and Youtuber Mariam Musa to discuss that epic Love Island twist, which saw Mimii steal Ayo back from bombshell Uma.

They delved straight into footballer Ayo trying to balance both Mimii and Uma in the villa, with Indiyah saying Ayo is "giving people pleaser" as she insited, "I'm telling you, he knows who he wants by now".

Ayo has shared kisses with both of the girls but we all have to admit that kiss with Mimii after they coupled up again was something.

Indiyah said: "We can even see it from the viewer's perspective. Those slow kisses that he and Mimmi share... me and Mariam where shy."

Mimii stole Ayo back in a shock recoupling
Mimii stole Ayo back in a shock recoupling. Picture: ITV

"It was so sensual and to me, I just felt like that was serious chemistry," Mariam exclaimed.

Agreeing, Mimii said: "I think they have a lot of sexual chemistry, but it's not just sexual they just vibe."

Mariam shared her annoyance at two girls having to 'fight' over a man, saying Ayo is "having his cake and eating it".

During Tuesday night's episode, Mimii and Uma pulled Ayo for a chat together to try and get their triangle on the same page. But it didn't go two well with Ayo repeating his now infamous line, 'what ever I've told you I've told her'.

However, Uma defo got the vibe that he was more into her, so it’s unclear how transparent he is being.

Mimii and Uma seek clarity from Ayo on Love Island

Mimii and Ayo shared an intimate moment on the terrace
Mimii and Ayo shared an intimate moment on the terrace. Picture: ITV

After their intense fire pit chat, Mimii revealed to Uma that Ayo had told her he'd of coupled up with her over Uma of it were his choice - which naturally sent Uma spiralling saying: "You should have said that then!"

Ayo isn't the only boy in the villa with seesawing between two girls, as Ronnie finds himself at the point of a love triangle with Harriett and Jess.

He told the beach hut his head's "scrambled" which might explain him heavily flirting with both girls.

We hate to break it to you boys but there are no throuples on this show, so you better get chosing!

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