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Remembering the day Zayn left One Direction

Five Years Since Zayn Left One Direction Has Us Looking Back To That Dramatic Day

Zayn Malik has been taking precautions for years

Zayn Malik's Fans Joke He Predicted Coronavirus: "He's Been Isolating Himself Since 2017"

One Direction club night launches in London

There's A One Direction Club Night Happening This Month

Inside Zayn and Jake Paul's Vegas feud

Inside Zayn & Jake Paul's Vegas Fued: From Gigi Hadid Tweet To Logan Paul Argument

Video emerges of Jake Paul harassing Zayn outside his hotel room

Zayn Fans Slam Jake & Logan Paul As They Post Video 'Harassing' The Singer Outside His Hotel Door

Jake Paul called himself 'an idiot' after he drew out Zayn Malik

Jake Paul Deletes Shady Zayn Malik Tweets And Apologises After Gigi Hadid Hit Back At YouTuber