Is Zayn Going On Tour After Releasing New Music?

26 July 2023, 16:25

Zayn told fans he'd like to head on tour
Zayn told fans he'd like to head on tour. Picture: Getty

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Zayn is back with new music, but is he heading on tour too? Here's what we know.

Zayn Malik fans are keen to know when he's heading on tour after releasing brand new music this summer.

It's thought Zayn is working on a new album, which would be his fourth record since leaving One Direction, so naturally fans are expecting news on a tour to follow.

Is Zayn heading on tour, what has he said about his next era and what else do we know?

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Zayn Malik said he hopes to tour after releasing his album
Zayn Malik said he hopes to tour after releasing his album. Picture: Getty

Is Zayn going on tour?

Zayn hasn't officially confirmed whether he's going on tour just yet, but in a soundbite that's recently surfaced on Twitter of Zayn chatting to his fans he says he 'has plans to come to Portugal, hopefully soon. Maybe'

"Hi everybody, I'm going to come everywhere. To Mexico too," he adds.

When was Zayn's last tour?

Zayn hasn't toured as a soloist just yet, so his last tour was the 'On The Road Again' tour, when he was part of One Direction. He pulled out of the 2015 gig and days later announced his departure from the band.

His final performance with the group was in Hong Kong on 18th March 2015.

The following year, the rest of the group went their separate ways too.

What has Zayn said about going on tour?

While chatting to fans on Stationhead, Zayn said he plans to tour, but is yet to officially announce anything.

He said he hopes to have an update for fans after the release of his fourth album.

"Tonight I'm getting in the studio, refining things, getting things together," he said. "And then hopefully I'll have some tour dates for you after I drop my album. I think it's about time. I don't know about you guys but I'm f*****g ready."

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