Zayn Reveals Hilarious Reason He Really Got Into Music

8 May 2024, 11:02 | Updated: 8 May 2024, 17:26

Zayn Malik reveals cheeky reason he got into music
Zayn Malik reveals cheeky reason he got into music. Picture: Getty

By Abbie Reynolds

Ahead of his first London concert, Zayn Malik spoke on The Kelly Clarkson Show where he revealed why he really got into music - and his reason his priceless.

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Zayn is gearing up to the release of his next studio album 'Room Under The Stairs' and we are living for him being in his press tour era.

Most of us have been following Zayn since 2010, when One Direction formed, but even 14 years on there's more for us to learn about the 'What I Am' singer.

Speaking on The Kelly Clarkson Show in the States, Zayn explained how he began taking singing "seriously" when he was 15/16 years old, but he started singing much earlier than that.

Zayn, who is performing his first solo London gig this month, said he joined his school choir aged eight but for one particular reason, and it has nothing to do with singing.

Zayn brought some of his homemade honey to The Kelly Clarkson Show
Zayn brought some of his homemade honey to The Kelly Clarkson Show. Picture: Getty

Zayn Malik excited for first UK solo show

"And I joined the school choir just because I fancied these girls that where in the choir," he admitted with a nervous grin on his face. Zayn showed his cheeky side, saying: "Yeah they were triplets, so..."

"I wanted to spend some extra time with them and we got to hang out in choir." Kelly joked: "Well, I hope they're watching now, look what you've done ladies."

Honestly, those triplets need Damehoods because the service they've done for society is unmatched. We don't want to imagine a world where Zayn doesn't sing, and we never have to because of those sisters.

ZAYN on working on his farm with his daughter, what he misses about the UK, and his karoake song!

Now aged 31, 23 years later, Zayn is transitioning into a new sound with his fourth album, as he ditches the pop world of songs like 'PILLOWTALK' for the soulful world where songs like 'Alienated' exist.

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