Love Island's Ronnie Vint Has Been Compared To These Past Islanders

17 June 2024, 15:48

Ronnie Vint's angered Love Island fans with his behaviour in the villa
Ronnie Vint's angered Love Island fans with his behaviour in the villa. Picture: ITV

By Tiasha Debray

Love Island’s Ronnie Vint is facing the public’s wrath as his flirtatious personality gets him into deeper trouble. But which ex-islanders are fans comparing him to because of his behaviour?

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Cheeky chappy, Ronnie Vint has slowly been losing popularity as he continues to get his flirt on in the Love Island villa.

The footballer walked into the show confidence because he already knew some pretty famous such as Love Island alumni, Olivia Attwood and her husband Bradley Dack as well as Amber Davies.

Initially, fans felt he and islander Jess White were made for one another, with their quirky sense of humour and direct attitude, however, Ronnie’s eyes wandered quickly to Harriett Blackmore, who eventually coupled up with him as soon as she had the chance.

Unfortunately, as soon as new bombshells entered the villa, Ronnie’s eyes wandered once more and fans seem to be sighing in unison across the nation as Ronnie makes jokes at Harriett’s expense whilst trying to chat up Tiffany Leighton.

Love Island's Ronnie Vint has eyes on bombshell Tiffany Leighton
Love Island's Ronnie Vint has eyes on bombshell Tiffany Leighton. Picture: ITV

X (formerly known as Twitter) user @Holliaietan uploaded a photo of a number of ex-islanders edited together and captioned the post “Ronnie making his ancestors proud #loveisland” and it got 132k views and almost six thousand retweets, suggesting she's not the only one who thinks so.

The ex-islanders in question included Liam Reardon, Curtis Pritchard, Callum Jones, Wes Nelson, Toby Aromolaran, Dami Hope and a few other islanders all of whom found themselves in hot water at certain points during their season for the way they treated their partners on the show.

Someone commented underneath the tweet writing, “At least these people were subtle with their wickedness. Ronnie is wicked and he doesn’t even care and somehow he still has girls all over him”.

Another viewer seemed to agree that Ronnie’s on-screen behaviour has been 'distasteful', as they wrote, “I think he's making them look like straight-up Romeos in comparison”.

But other fans didn’t seem to agree with the uploaders' association between Ronnie and a few of these islanders.

“Knowing that Dami and Ronnie would be placed in the same category just doesn't sit right in my soul, ” one wrote, whilst a second questioned, “Callum?? Dami??”

A third agreed, writing, “Why is Molly’s Callum on here :(".

These fans seemed to disagree that Callum and Dami’s behaviour during their seasons was comparable to Ronnie’s during this summer series. Especially as Dami is still with Indiyah Polack who he left the villa with.

Callum's had more of a rocky journey post-show as we saw him on All Stars where he left with Jess Gale, but things there turned sour and now he has a new woman on the scene.

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