What Happened Between Uma Jammeh And Ronnie Vint? Their Shared History Explained

7 June 2024, 11:44

Ronnie and Uma knew each other before the villa, here's how
Ronnie and Uma knew each other before the villa, here's how. Picture: ITV

By Abbie Reynolds

Love Island new girl Uma Jammeh is already causing a stir as the second bombshell of series 11 and it looks like her and islander Ronnie Vint already know each other - here's their history explained.

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After accidentally being leaked as a bombshell, Uma Jammeh entered the Love Island villa as the second bombshell of the season.

Uma caused tears on her first day after pulling Joey Essex and Ayo Odukoya for dates, leaving Samantha Kenny and Mimii Ngulube nervous about the fate of their couples.

Her arrival in the villa was as unexpected as her link to fellow islander Ronnie Vint, who recognised her immediately. But how do they know each other? Here's what we know...

Uma had to come in and kiss all the Love Island boys
Uma had to come in and kiss all the Love Island boys. Picture: ITV

What happened between Uma Jammeh and Ronnie Vint?

Before reuniting in the Love Island villa, Uma and Ronnie shared a drunken kiss on a night out four years ago.

After giving each other a few hundred double takes in the villa, they realised where they knew each other from. "Where we know each other from, do you remember? I'm pretty sure it was you, the Euro's like four years ago, at Ballie Ballerson," Uma started.

"For the final? Yeah it was," Ronnie replied before they gave each other a cheeky smirk and continued on a tour of the villa. Later Ronnie confirmed that they did kiss after they'd both tried to play it off a little bit.

Love Island's Ronnie and Uma realise they know each other

As well as being a model, Uma works as a VIP host and said she was working the night of The Euro Finals 2020, so its no wonder she came across Ronnie who was probably with an entourage of other footballer friends and maybe even Love Island star Olivia Attwood, who he's been friends with for years.

Uma and Ronnie's shared history caused a rift in the villa straight away, especially for the boys that have their eyes set on the model.

As Ronnie led Uma around the villa, Ayo - who is coupled up with Mimii - was not far behind trying to earwig on their chat. He did end up hearing about their kiss and simply said, "good to know" - awkward!

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