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Olly Alexander explained why Years & Years became a solo project

WATCH: Olly Alexander Explains Why Years & Years Became A Solo Project

Years & Years made an announcement that the band will continue as a solo project for Olly Alexander.

Years & Years Announce They Will Continue As An Olly Alexander ‘Solo Project’

Olly Alexander's LGBTQ+ speech at Glastonbury

Olly Alexander's Speech About LGBTQ+ Rights Being Praised By Fans

Olly Alexander calls out LGBT education protests as 'sad'

Olly Alexander Calls Suspension Of LGBT Rights Education In Some Schools 'Gut Punchingly Sad'

Years & Years would love a Little Mix collab in 2019

Jingle Bell Ball 2018: Years & Years Want A Little Mix Collaboration ASAP

Olly Alexander shares his excitement after hanging out with Nick Jonas

Olly Alexander Hung Out With Nick Jonas In The Studio And Loved Every Second