7 Years & Years Songs That Perfectly Depict EVERY Relationship EVER!

9 July 2015, 15:35 | Updated: 5 December 2018, 16:51

years and years

These Years & Years songs perfectly depict the real struggles of every relationship ever.

Anyone ever noticed that Years & Years back catalogue is basically every relationship stage ever? From 'Desire' to 'Ties' we can definitely relate!


1. The 'Desire' Phase

That short lived period of setting a early alarm in order to wake up and brush your teeth/ comb your hair ahead of your other half seeing you 'au naturel'.

Years & Years - Desire


2. The 'You & I' Phase

When you do a #Caylor (Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift duh!) and combine your names into one supreme hashtag.

Years & Years - You & I


3. The 'King' Phase

Those early days when you're made to feel like Beyonce and can hardly even remember the struggle of having to peel your own banana!

Years & Years - King


4. The 'I Wish I Knew' Phase

Having to pretend you know what your conversation is about when in actual fact you have no clue but would and could never ask. Relationships are complicated.

Years & Years - I Wish I Knew


5. The 'Ties' Phase

When you can't go to 'lads night' because you're already tied into watching 'Vampire Diaries'.

Years & Years - Ties


6. The 'Real' Phase

Suddenly the things that were once cute are all too real, no longer can you sit through another bad rendition of Sam Smith in the shower.

Years & Years - Real


7. The 'Without' Phase

Unless you're destined to be like Kim and Kanye you will eventually have to face the inevitable break-up... 

Years & Years - Without


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