Love Island's Joey Essex Tempted To Drop Grace Jackson For New Bombshell

26 June 2024, 15:58 | Updated: 26 June 2024, 16:09

Joey Essex looks like he might be moving on from Grace Jackson in the villa
Joey Essex looks like he might be moving on from Grace Jackson in the villa. Picture: ITV

By Abbie Reynolds

Love Island spoilers incoming! The first look at tonight's episode shows Joey contemplating his relationship with Grace after a date with new bombshell Jessy Potts.

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Once Joey Essex's ex Grace Jackson walked into the villa it didn't look like his head could be turned, he was dead set on her, with their chemistry so intense Love Island bosses had to cut some of their bedroom scenes!

But now, bombshell Jessy Potts, from Leicester, has strutted into the villa and Joey's head seems to be spinning.

In Love Island's first look at Wednesday night's episode Joey is seen chatting to fellow islander Ronnie Vint about his feelings for Grace, versus the new girl.

Jessy was able to take Joey on a date straight after the heart rate challenge, and on the date they seem to have hit it off.

Jessy and Joey head out of the villa for a date
Jessy and Joey head out of the villa for a date. Picture: ITV

Sat on the day beds with Ronnie, Joey said, "I think the chemistry between me and Grace is like, it's a different type of chemistry me and that girl," before going on to debrief about his date with Jessy.

He said: "I learned more in that date on a deeper level with that girl, than I have the whole time I've been here with Grace."

It seems Joey's starting to feel like sexual chemistry isn't enough for what he's looking for in the villa, but considering his past with Grace and his reaction to her chats with Omar, this comes as a major shock.

Joey and Grace had a holiday fling in 2023 which they very quickly picked back up when they were thrown into the villa together, their relationship sent Samantha Kenny home and they were essentially closed off to one another, but now things have changed.

Love Island First Look reveals Joey could be falling from Grace

Sat with the girls, new girl Jessy was asked if Joey had told her he was "closed off" to which she replied: "Umm, I'm not sure her necessarily knows where he stands, is the vibe I got."

This is one hell of a shock as viewers have seen Joey and Grace talk about not wanting to get to know other people in the villa. When Joey became aware that the now-dumped Omar had had some flirty chats with Grace he had started an argument with his fellow islander, where he told him "there's no competition".

Even when bombshell Konnor chose to couple up with Grace she had shut him down, telling him that although she didn't say she was "closed-off", "actions speak louder than words" and her and Joey were in a "love bubble".

Sadly, it looks like Jessy has come in to burst that bubble and from the get-go she's said Joey was one of the boys she was interested in, as well as Ronnie and Ayo.

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