Love Island's Samantha Kenny Cements Feud With Grace Jackson

25 June 2024, 11:45 | Updated: 25 June 2024, 11:57

Love Island's Samantha confirms feud with Grace
Love Island's Samantha confirms feud with Grace. Picture: ITV

By Abbie Reynolds

Appearing on Love Island: Aftersun Samantha Kenny confirmed she has no love for Joey Essex's ex Grace Jackson.

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Samantha Kenny's time in the Love Island was not smooth sailing, well it kind of was for two weeks until Grace Jackson - Joey Essex's ex - entered as a bombshell.

Grace threw a spanner in the works for the couple who had gotten pretty comfortable and when ultimately Grace coupled up with Joey it left Samantha single and dumped from the island.

It looked as if the girls had left things amicably, with Grace waving Samantha off, but now it's clear there is definitely no love between the girls.

When Grace chose Joey Samantha was sent packing
When Grace chose Joey Samantha was sent packing. Picture: ITV

Appearing on Love Island's post-show show Aftersun, Samantha described Grace as a "slime ball".

Samantha was a shown a snippet of Grace looking like she was cracking on with new boy Konnor. "That'll do it", the Liverpool-based beauty joked when she saw the clip.

When asked by Maya Jama if she liked Grace, she said: “She’s just not a very nice girl, is she?

“I can’t say on national television. But, I’ve got home and I’ve seen things and I just think she’s a bit of a slime ball if I’m being completely honest with you. She’s a slimy girl."

Going on she said: "From what I’ve seen, the smirking and the laughing. I stood around that fire pit on my own and they [Joey and Grace] were laughing at me. Slimy, Slimy.”

Although Grace seemed to have tried to not upset Samantha with the whole Joey situation, it looks like she's failed.

When Joey arrived in the villa as the first-ever celebrity bombshell on night one he had his eyes set on Samantha and they had stayed on her until Grace walked through the door, so perhaps it's not surprising Samantha holds a grudge.

Grace and Joey were almost instantly all over each other which was hard for Samantha who had voiced Joey's lack of PDA towards her.

Nicole Samuel was in tears when Samantha Kenny was sent home
Nicole Samuel was in tears when Samantha Kenny was sent home. Picture: ITV

When Grace inadvertently sent Samantha home Sam's mum was fuming with Joey, taking to socials to comment on a picture of him, saying: “You ruined my daughter’s two weeks in the villa.”

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