Union J Chat To Tom Green

Tom has a celebrity phone off with the boys and also gets them to call Lauren from Wakefield, to wish her luck on GCSE exam results day... how cool is that?!

This morning the Union J boys popped in to see us on their way to a book signing in Leeds! 

Tom got them involved in a little game of 'who has the most impressive number in their phone?'   Josh had Harry Styles' digits hiding in his phonebook - but Tom reckons he's the winner because he had Barry Chuckle’s number saved.  On your own Tom!

Plus, loads of you lot are getting those all important GCSE results this morning and we know it can be a bit scary for you! So we pulled out all the stops to make one of you feel a little bit better with the help of our popstar mates. 

The lucky lady was Lauren from Wakefield who got a surprise 'Good Luck' call from the boys whilst she was still in bed!  Not a bad way to be woken up in a morning, is it?

Have a listen below if you missed it...  Oh and good luck to the rest of you on GCSE results day!