Lewis Capaldi Reveals Which Of His Songs Is His Least Favourite

8 December 2022, 15:33

Lewis Capaldi joined Capital Breakfast
Lewis Capaldi joined Capital Breakfast. Picture: station owned

Lewis Capaldi got *very* honest during his visit to Capital Breakfast...

Lewis Capaldi joined Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp following the release of his new single, 'Pointless'.

As the new track shares the same name as the popular quiz show, Pointless, the gang decided to make the singer a contestant on the show.

WATCH: Lewis Capaldi Becomes The New Host Of Capital Breakfast

With help from the quiz show's host, Alexander Armstrong, Lewis was faced with a series of questions, to which he had to provide some 'unknown' answers.

After revealing the worst film he'd seen as the 'Fast & Furious' franchise, describing them as the "worst films of all time", Lewis had to share which of his own songs was his least favourite.

After some thinking, Lewis shared "Worst song on the first album for me is a song called Hollywood, I despise it ...it's just because it's hard to play live."

Alexander then asked Lewis what he thought Roman's most toxic trait was.

Lewis didn't hesitate before answering: “I’ll tell you what it is and I’ve got a gripe to pick with you two”

"This having a toe war, it’s disgusting... I hate feet, I’ve spoken about this on the show before."

Despite Lewis sharing his disgust, Roman & Chris both then proceeded to show Lewis their feet, which understandably grossed out the 'Forget Me' singer even more...

(Sorry on behalf of them Lewis!)

You can watch the whole clip right here on Global Player.