Sam Ryder On Singing The Next Bond Theme Tune

14 December 2022, 14:39

Sam Ryder on singing the next Bond theme
Sam Ryder on singing the next Bond theme. Picture: station owned

Sam Ryder revealed he'd always dreamt of writing a Bond song...

Sam joined Capital Breakfast
Sam joined Capital Breakfast. Picture: station owned

Sam Ryder joined Capital Breakfast to chat about his debut album, There's Nothing but Space, Man!

During his visit, Sam revealed that one of the songs featured on the album, Tiny Riot, had been influenced by James Bond.

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The singer shared that he had always dreamt of writing a tune for the franchise and had written the song as a pitch for the prestigious role...

"I want to do a Bond tune so bad. This isn't a good way of selling it, but I just... I've wanted to do one for years."

"I'd love to [do a] Tina Turner style & absolutely belt something out. There's been so many good ones recently I think. It's cool because it's opening up what a Bond song could be."

The Space Man singer then went on to reveal how this desire had inspired one of the tracks on his album.

"I wrote a song on my record, Tiny Riot, literally as a pitch for a Bond song, because Bond songs always have the same kind of chord structure and stuff."

You've got our vote, Sam!

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