KSI Says He 'Hates' The Reselling Of Prime

6 January 2023, 09:02

KSI on the success of Prime
KSI on the success of Prime. Picture: station owned

KSI sat down with Capital Breakfast where he spoke about the success of his energy drink, Prime.

KSI joined Capital Breakfast where he gifted the team with some sought after bottles of his energy drink, Prime.

The rapper launched the Prime Hydration drinks back in 2022 with fellow YouTuber, Logan Paul.

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The £2 drinks have caused hysteria among teens trying to get a hold of bottles and as a result of the demand have been selling for as much as £20 in certain convenience stores.

When asked about TikTok famous Wakey Wines, who frequently post videos of customers buying the popular drink, KSI responded:

"I don’t like the reselling, I hate the selling, even when ASDA tried to up their price by £2.50, I was tweeting them like 'Nah nah nah this is out of order, this isn’t Prime doing this, this is ASDA' and instantly they brought it down to £2."

"It's crazy man."

During his visit to Capital, the rapper also played a game of 'Battle of Truths' with Roman Kemp.

The pair, who went to the same secondary school didn't hold back and pretty much ended up roasting each other.

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