Chris Stark Joins Busted On Stage For His First Ever Gig

13 October 2023, 17:39

Busted Brought Me On Stage For My First Ever Gig! | Capital

Chris Stark joined pop rock music legends Busted on stage at The O2 for his first ever gig!

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Capital Breakfast presenter Chris Stark was invited by his all-time favourite band Busted to perform on stage with them at The O2, London, something he immediately thought was a prank having only recently learned to play guitar.

Chris joined Charlie Simpson, James Bourne and Matt Willis to sing 'Sleeping With The Light On' in front of 20,000 fans, learning the chords to the song just a few days before the concert.

As a diehard Busted fan, naturally he was already a pro with the lyrics.

Chris Stark performed with Busted at The O2
Chris Stark performed with Busted at The O2. Picture: Chazz Adnitt

"Busted didn't know what they'd let themselves in for. I've never performed anything ever," Chris admitted after Matt said he thought he'd had experience performing.

We filmed the whole thing, from the moment Matt asked Chris to join them, to the moment he made his concert debut.

Chris even got involved in the group's pre-show rituals, including ping pong, haircuts and an ice bath!

"You're a real rock star now," Matt told him.

You can watch Chris Stark perform with Busted on Global Player now!