When Is Leigh-Anne Pinnock’s Solo Album Coming Out?

9 June 2024, 20:07

Leigh-Anne Pinnock is releasing her debut album
Leigh-Anne Pinnock is releasing her debut album. Picture: Getty

By Kathryn Knight

Leigh-Anne Pinnock is releasing her debut album, but when is it coming out and is there a track list?

Leigh-Anne Pinnock is preparing to release her solo album after dropping debut single ‘Don’t Say Love’ in June 2023 and 'My Love' in September 2023, 'Stealin' Love' in March 2024 and 'Forbidden Fruit' in May 2024.

After Little Mix took a well-deserved break in 2021, Perrie Edwards, Jade Thirlwall and Leigh-Anne are embarking on solo ventures and Leigh-Anne was the first to take the plunge.

The mum-of-two performed her first gig as a solo artist on 22nd August for Capital Up Close, where she debut her second single 'My Love', and performed acoustic versions of 'Don't Say Love' and 'Say A Little Prayer', which she dedicated to her parents.

On 19th March she announced to fans: "I’ve been writing & recording so much working on my album but while making it, I’ve made a collection of songs that fit together in their own world." She added: "The first song is coming next week and then I'll be sharing more new music in the following weeks. Sh*t's about to get very real."

Until then, here’s what we know about Leigh-Anne’s solo album so far, from its release date and title to the tracklist.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock is releasing her brand new solo album
Leigh-Anne Pinnock is releasing her brand new solo album. Picture: Getty

When is Leigh-Anne Pinnock’s album coming out?

Leigh-Anne hasn't announced a release date for her debut solo album yet, but it was expected to have come out by now.

This is because last year when a fan on TikTok commented to ask when the album is coming, she replied: "I'm hoping early next year tbh! I'm so excited for it."

This would have been the start of 2024, however she has chosen to 'take the pressure' off of herself and isn't releasing the album just yet.

In an interview with Dork in June 2024, Leigh-Anne explained why she hasn't dropped the album yet, saying: "I thought I’d release three singles and go straight into dropping it [but] as the process went on, though, I just felt like I wasn’t ready for the album."

She says as a solo artist she has given herself the space to 'find her feet and experiment', although she did confirm the album is officially ready.

“I definitely feel like it’s there, and I’m excited for it to finally come out. The pressure has been taken off a little bit now, though," she explaned, "and I feel a lot more comfortable about it.”

Leigh-Anne Pinnock at her 'Don't Say Love' launch party
Leigh-Anne Pinnock at her 'Don't Say Love' launch party. Picture: Getty

What is Leigh-Anne Pinnock’s album called?

Leigh-Anne hasn't revealed the name of her new album just yet, but we'll update this article as soon as she announces it.

Keep your eyes peeled!

What’s on Leigh-Anne’s album tracklist?

Leigh-Anne hasn't shared the full track list for her new solo album, but she did share some of the titles with Vogue, all of which she's released as singles already, apart from 'I Did That'.

  • 'Don't Say Love'
  • 'I Did That'
  • 'My Love'

Before releasing her album she had dropped an EP so we can reveal all the songs on that tracklist.

What’s on Leigh-Anne’s EP tracklist?

Leigh-Anne's first EP, which she dropped on May 31st 2024, is called 'No Hard Feelings'. Here is the tracklist:

  • Stealin' Love
  • Forbidden Fruit
  • OMG
  • Anticipate
  • I'll Still Be Here

Asked whether motherhood and her relationship with André Gray have inspired any of her new songs, Leigh-Anne said: "Things aren’t perfect, and I get a bit deep with that."

She described 'Don't Say Love' – the summer banger – about 'wanting to be loved wholeheartedly' and 'My Love' as a 'celebration of every type of love'.

Meanwhile, she said 'Stealing Love' is about 'somebody stealing love away from you.'

In her Vogue interview last year she explained what her album would be about: "With the album, I really wanted to be as honest as possible with everything: motherhood, the highs, the lows, my relationship.

"Everything on Instagram looks perfect and nothing is. I wanted to show that in my relationship. It’s about somebody stealing love away from you – you give so much and they’re taking it and not giving enough in return."

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