MAFS Australia's Tim: How He Became A Secret Millionaire, Age, Ex-Girlfriend And More

11 April 2024, 16:27 | Updated: 11 April 2024, 16:29

Tim Calwell is a contestant on MAFS Australia 2024
Tim Calwell is a contestant on MAFS Australia 2024. Picture: Channel Nine/Instagram: @timcalwell

By Tiasha Debray

Married At First Sight Australia's Tim has been unlucky in love but there’s so much more to him than meets the eye. From his job, to his net worth and his ex-girlfriend – here’s everything we know.

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Married At First Sight Australia’s Tim Calwell warmed the hearts of viewers when he joined the show with Labrador puppy energy, excited to meet the love of his life after enduring a relationship where he was cheated on.

MAFS experts Alessandra Rampolla, Mel Schilling and John Aiken paired him up with Sara Mesa and it was love at first sight until... it wasn’t. Tim revealed on their wedding night that he had only broken up with his ex-girlfriend six months before filming began.

Australia is one month ahead of the UK when it comes to airing the episodes, so we know there's a lot of drama between Sara and Tim to look forward to, but first, we need to do our homework.

What is MAFS’ Tim’s age, what does he do for a living, how did he become a millionaire and what’s the deal with his ex-girlfriend? Here is everything you need to know.

The experts paired Sara Mesa and Tim Calwell together
The experts paired Sara Mesa and Tim Calwell together . Picture: Channel Nine

What does Tim from MAFS do for a living?

Tim runs an e-commerce digital marketing company and he reportedly also works as the Head of Performance at Gleamin, a skincare and wellness brand.

But none of that really matters because MAFS Australia’s Tim is actually a millionaire. We know, pick your jaw up off the floor.

The contestant definitely has a knack for e-commerce because he managed to make $1,000,000 AUD (£517K) in seven months by dropshipping, or so he claims, in a vlog-style Youtube video he uploaded in 2018.

Tim runs an e-commerce digital marketing company
Tim runs an e-commerce digital marketing company. Picture: Instagram/timcalwell

“Basically what I did is I quit my job in May and then I left [for] Thailand,” Tim says in the video "I came across a couple of people doing e-commerce and I thought this could be a good idea.”

Tim also left some advice in the description of his video that read, “Try and find people in real life who are doing it as a mentor/inspiration…Surround yourself with a community of hustlers who have similar goals to you.”

The So! Dramatic podcast revealed that their sources close to Tim describe him as “super savvy and switched on” and his friends described him as “down to earth and a lot of fun”.

Sara and Tim have had a tumultuous journey on MAFS 2024
Sara and Tim have had a tumultuous journey on MAFS 2024. Picture: Channel Nine

How old is Tim from MAFS Australia?

Married At First Sight Australia’s Tim is 31 years old. His on-screen wife Sara is 29 years old so the pair have a two-year age gap.

Tim’s star sign is a Taurus which is often associated with ambition and goals, qualities that align quite nicely with what we know about him.

Tim&squot;s friends described him as “down to earth"
Tim's friends described him as “down to earth". Picture: Instagram/timcalwell

Who is Tim Calwell’s ex-girlfriend?

Warning: Show spoilers ahead!

Unfortunately, nothing is known about Tim’s ex-girlfriend because he’s wiped all traces of her from his social media. Was this because of a broken heart? Or was it out of respect, to try to protect her from the public eye? The latter seems more in character for him.

Tim revealed during Married At First Sight Australia that his last relationship ended when his ex-girlfriend cheated on him.

"She was unfaithful to me. We were together for six years. I was going to propose to her this year," he said on the show to his MAFS bride Sara, who obviously did not take that well.

But sadly we should reveal that it doesn’t look like Sara and Tim are together today. Tim was photographed with a new woman in February of 2024 and Sara was on live radio with Kyle and Jackie O when she was told the news.

It doesn’t look like MAFS' Sara and Tim are together anymore
It doesn’t look like MAFS' Sara and Tim are together anymore. Picture: Channel Nine

“I don't know if this is true, but multiple people I know up in Queensland have said that this Tim has been rooting this Brazilian the entire time, all through the MAFS, all through the filming,” the radio host told Sara.

“What was heard was that he had been texting her whilst with you during the show.”

We knew Tim had a huge love for South America before he met Sara, so was his ex this Brazilian girl, or is she just someone new?

Whilst Sara seemed shocked at the news, she couldn’t confirm, 'It might have been an ex. I actually can't remember if the ex was Italian or Brazilian,' she then said.

In a conversation with 9Entertainment, the bride revealed that the couple called off their romance for good shortly after filming wrapped for MAFS even though they had vowed to stay with one another in the final commitment ceremony.

She said: "We broke up a month after the Reunion [was taped]."

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