AHS Delicate Ending Explained – The Real Identity Of Kim Kardashian's Siobhan Revealed

25 April 2024, 21:15 | Updated: 26 April 2024, 15:22

American Horror Story Delicate Ending Explained
American Horror Story Delicate Ending Explained. Picture: FX via YouTube
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

What happened to Anna's baby? Who are the women dressed in black? And, most importantly, who is Siobhan? [Capital Buzz, previously known as PopBuzz. New name, same content.]

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After a wild ride featuring covens, cults, an Oscar campaign and Kim Kardashian channeling Momager Kris Jenner, American Horror Story: Delicate has come to end. But how did it end? What does it all mean? Here’s your explainer.

Throughout the whole of AHS: Delicate, viewers have watched as Emma Roberts’ Anna falls deeper and deeper into the belief that her husband Dex (Matt Czuchry) has been gaslighting her.

However, just as everyone predicted, there was a final twist in the season finale episode that revealed exactly who the real gaslighter was this whole time. While you may have seen that first twist coming (it was hard not to, tbh), there’s no WAY you could have predicted the second absolutely wild twist that followed.

AHS: Delicate’s ending also deviates considerably from the ending of the book on which it is based, so those thinking they had all the spoilers they needed were wrong. The show’s ending is a quintessentially weird, horrifying and truly, truly wild American Horror Story plot twist.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the AHS: Delicate's ending

How did American Horror Story: Delicate end?

What happens at the end of American Horror Story: Delicate?
What happens at the end of American Horror Story: Delicate? Picture: Alamy

Episode 8, titled ‘The Auteur’, picks up after Anna finally wins her Oscar. After her water breaks on stage, she’s immediately whisked away to hospital in an ambulance.

Turns out that Cara Delevingne’s creepy Ivy is the one driving the ambulance, and she doesn’t plan on taking Anna to the hospital at all. Anna is accompanied by Dex, who attempts to help her but in doing so, the baby bites off his hand.

Ivy kills Anna's bodyguard, drives them to a mysterious location then kills Dex. Anna gives birth to a creature with huge claws, surrounded by women cloaked in black. They refuse to let Anna hold her child, pointing out that she gave him up as soon as she chose to want the Oscar.

After being sedated, paralysed and taken to another location, Anna then learns the truth about everything. Siobhan has been the one pulling the strings this entire time and is the leader of the creepy cult of women who target and exploit women with fertility issues.

Not only that, but she’s actually a very powerful, immortal being… and Dex’s real mother.

American Horror Story Delicate's ending features a wild plot twist involving Kim Kardashian's Siobhan
American Horror Story Delicate's ending features a wild plot twist involving Kim Kardashian's Siobhan. Picture: Alamy

Who is Siobhan? What is her real identity?

Yes, you read that correctly… Dex’s real mother! Siobhan and Dex’s father ended up producing a human baby (Dex). She then played the long game, stalking Anna from infancy, implanting one of her own eggs inside of her, ensuring that it ended up being fertilised by her son (again, yes, you read that correctly...)

As a result, Siobhan created an offspring (Anna’s child) that was very, very powerful.

Her "matriarchy" masterplan is to breed countless other children with the same level of power as Anna’s child, with the intention for them to "save the world" and kill men. It's also revealed that the cult still have access to Dex's sperm to create more of the powerful creatures. (Again... yes.)

Anna then agrees to join the cult. Adeline, who everyone thought was dead, then appears to Anna and the two begin chanting. This causes Siobhan to crumble into dust, and the rest of the women just... disappear.

What happens to Anna at the end of AHS: Delicate?
What happens to Anna at the end of AHS: Delicate? Picture: Alamy

Does Anna become leader of the cult?

At the end of the episode, viewers see Anna immediately regain the ability to walk again after Siobhan disappears. She picks up Siobhan's headdress, puts it on and goes to find her baby who is now fully human. After killing a spider that emerged from her son's clothing, she picks up her Oscar and, at last, finally has both things she wanted all along.

The episode ends without confirming whether or not Anna became the leader of the cult or whether she gained any powers after Siobhan disappeared. It also doesn't confirm whether the baby still possesses those terrifying powers mentioned earlier in the episode.

However, with the killing of the spider, it's implied that Anna and her son might finally be free of Siobhan's devious work.

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