Angelica Ross says Ryan Murphy 'ghosted' her after pitching scrapped AHS season

19 September 2023, 16:40

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Angelica also says she lost the opportunity to appear in a Marvel production after not hearing back about her AHS contract.

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Pose and American Horror Story star Angelica Ross has revealed that Ryan Murphy 'left her on read' after pitching a season of AHS that would have featured a cast led by Black women.

The delay in response subsequently ended up costing her a potential role in a Marvel production, after she was unable to clarify whether her on-going contract with AHS would allow her to pursue it.

On Monday (Sept 18), Angelica posted a series of screenshots showing emails between her and the AHS co-creator dating back to July 2020.

"Remember your idea about a HORROR season starring Black women? Well I’m doing it,” Ryan wrote in an email sent to Angelica, according to the screenshot. "Not sure of the story yet, but we will start a writers room in the fall. Along with you, who are the four women I should get? I think you, Keke Palmer, Gabby … not sure of the fourth?"

Per the screenshots, Angelica replied with her casting suggestions, but as she explains, Ryan never got back to her about the proposed idea.

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Angelica Ross says Ryan Murphy 'ghosted' her after pitching Black female-led season of AHS
Angelica Ross says Ryan Murphy 'ghosted' her after pitching Black female-led season of AHS. Picture: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures, Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

According to the email screenshots, the idea for the season included the likes of Keke Palmer (Scream Queens) and Gabourey Sidibe (Coven, Freak Show, Hotel, Apocalypse).

In her reply, Angelica also suggested several other Black actresses that she'd love to work with, including AHS icons Angela Bassett and Adina Porter, Alfre Woodard, Gabrielle Union, Viola Davis, Kerry Washington, Lupita Nyong'o, Halle Berry, Amiyah Scott, Debbi Morgan and Lynn Whitfield.

Angelica then shared another screenshot with a message she sent to Ryan two years later, asking to be considered for the producing side of things if the season led by Black women was still on the table.

She wrote: "After not hearing back. After sending flowers and no response I sent one last email in Feb 2022 (it took about a year to film season 10 due to COVID) while still contractually in first position with the show. Mind you, Marvel had called twice now. I haven’t heard from him since."

Angelica played The Chemist and Theta in 2021's Double Feature. She did not appear in 2022's NYC, and is not part of the cast for 2023's Delicate.

Responding to The Wrap's article regarding her tweets, Angelica then clarified that the issue was not simply because the show had gone in a different direction, it was because she and her agent were unable to clarify whether or not she was still tied up in her AHS contract as a series regular.

The lack of communication about it meant she was unable to explore other acting opportunities, including the aforementioned Marvel project.

"It’s not JUST that the idea changed. Things change all the time," she explained. "It’s that I called business affairs for MONTHS trying to get clarity if they were picking up my contract option or if I was ok to tell Marvel that I was available for whatever they were calling me for. I had been auditioning for THREE YEARS for Marvel. It’s that I was HELD in first position the whole time."

In a reply to a fan asking why she didn't answer Marvel's call, she wrote: "I did! Series regular contracts have to get permission from the show and the network first. No show wants to hire you as a LEAD when another show can call you away at any moment. So my agent called and they could never give us an answer as to if I was available. Found out for myself."

According to Angelica's tweets, she still hasn't heard from Ryan Murphy since 2022 when she sent the email following up about the proposed season.

Ryan Murphy has not responded to Angelica's tweets yet, but we'll update this article if he does.

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