Niall Horan Addresses The Harry Styles Collab Rumours

21 February 2023, 08:42 | Updated: 23 March 2023, 15:34

Niall addresses the Harry collab rumours
Niall addresses the Harry collab rumours. Picture: Getty

By Fiona Hayward

Rumours have been circling that the ex 1D bandmates are working on new music...

Niall Horan joined Capital Breakfast following the release of his new song, Heaven.

During the chat the team played a game of 'Wrong Answers Only' where the singer had to provide false answers to a selection of questions.

One Direction Fans Are Certain A Harry Styles & Niall Horan Collab Is Coming - Here’s Every Clue

Roman couldn't resist throwing in a question about the fan theory that Niall's new album will feature a collab with One Direction bandmate, Harry Styles.

Rumours of a collab first started circulating after Niall announced the name of his new album as 'The Show' last week.

Many fans have been speculating that the album is circus-themed, which leads them to think that Harry has some involvement.

Back in May last year, Harry was spotted filming what appeared to be a circus-themed music video, where he was seen dressed in a yellow feathered costume.

The video for the song is yet to be released, so fans are now convinced it was actually for a song on Niall's album.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed a box with a cloudy blue sky design on the set of the music video which just so happens to have an identical design to the candles Niall has been using to promote his new track 'Heaven'.

Is a Niall & Harry collab on the cards!?
Is a Niall & Harry collab on the cards!? Picture: getty

Referencing the rumours, Sian asked the 'Slow Hands' singer "Are the TikTok rumours true? Are you collabing with Harry again?"

After a long pause Niall simply responded "Yes."

HELP! Now I'm even more confused!?

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