Pete Week on Capital Breakfast


To prepare Pete Allison for a week of looking after you lot in a morning, Adam, Danny & JoJo put him through his paces.

Adam, Danny and JoJo are off on holiday for a week and with Pete having never done the Capital Breakfast shift, it's only right that they helped get him ready for it...

1.  Getting Out of Bed

Now obviously being on a breakfast show, you've got to be good at getting up in a morning, as well as being sharp and on the ball when everyone else is still in sleep mode.  Have a listen to Adam, Danny & JoJo waking Pete up:


2.  Being Funny

Apparently you lot expect us to make you laugh in a morning, so we decided to put Pete's funny-man skills to the test.  Listen below:


3.  Understanding the Prizes That You're Giving Away

Pete's got a load of Color Obstacle Rush tickets to give away whilst he's working on the breakfast show, so it was only fair that he fully immersed himself in the Color Obstacle Rush spirit wasn't it?  Watch the video below:


4.  Interview Skills

Jess Glynne is on the show chatting to Pete this week and, well he can be a bit nicey nicey at times so Adam, Danny & JoJo decided that they needed to intervene and get him prepared to ask the types of questions that you really want to know the answers to.  Have a listen to when they sent him out to ask you lot a load of uncomfortable questions:


5.  Being Thick Skinned

Let's face it, you lot can be brutal at times so Adam, Danny and JoJo decided to employ some tough love tactics on poor Pete by throwing a load of insults at him.  Have a listen to his reaction: