Mindmasher Answers!

Each morning on the show, just before 9am with Producer Scott, we do the Mindmasher! A cryptic question, a riddle or a problem for you to work out over the news.

It's a feature as old as the hills but you guys love it!!  Unfortunately, some people miss the answer or work in an office where the boss is too tight to get a radio to listen to Capital, so here's all of the answers to the questions you might have missed...

Monday, August 20

Abuse me for I will not care.

Curse me when I stray from fair.

Brute force won't put me in my place.

Smooth and even wins the race.

Envy colors where I rest.

No sandy beaches for the best.                                                         




Friday, August 17


I am never quite what I appear to be.

Straight-forward I seem, but it's only skin deep,

mystery most often lies beneath my simple speech.

Sharpen your wits, open your eyes,

Think critically and answer the question...

what am I?                                                                      



Thursday, August 16

What is very strong, fits neatly between the breasts - and works best when pulled?




Wednesday, August 17

The word CANDY can be spelled using just 2 letters.

Can you figure out how?

C – AND – Y


Tuesday, August 14

There are 100 really annoying birds sat in a tree outside Danny’s house. How can he get them all in one shot?

Using a camera


Monday, August 13


Sally promised Kate today, that she will tell Kate a big secret, on the day before four days, from the day after tomorrow. If today is Saturday the 13th, on what day and date will Sally tell Kate her big secret?

Thursday 18th


Friday, August 10


A frog fell into a hole that was 14 ½ feet deep. He could jump 3 feet, but he slid back a foot each time he jumped. How many jumps does it take him to get out of the hole?

7 - Every 3 feet jump accompanied by a 1 foot slide equals 2 feet high jumps each; at this rate, so the 7th jump, starting at 12 feet, brings him to 15 feet, which takes him out of the hole.



Thursday, August 9


What king can you make if you take

the head of a lamb

the middle of a pig

the hind of a buffalo

and the tail of a dragon?


Head = first letter of lamb = L

Middle of the word pig = I

Hind of buffalo is O, tail of dragon is N

Tuesday, August 7


An antigram is an anagram where the answer is the opposite of the starting meaning. What is the original word of this antigram: Are advisers




Friday, August 3


At what time after 4pm are the minute and hour and second hand of a standard clock perfectly aligned on top of each other?




Thursday, August 2

This word has TEN letters…

1234 - carries heredity

456 - is a period of time

567 - is a pest

and 890 - is a charged particle

What is the word?



Wednesday, August 1st


The following number is the only one of its kind… but why is it so special?





Tuesday, July 31

A girl called Twinks went on Jeremy Kyle, saying she was having enormous problems buying school stuff for her 19 kids. Although she bought the least expensive stuff she could find, the bill was still high. A 15% sales tax and a 5% chav tax was added to the price of the items and her bill was £120. What was the cost of the original items?




Monday, July 30


In forests I'm leafy

In deserts I'm like sand

You'll find it hard to see me

Even when I’m in your hand.




Friday, July 27


Which Olympic event is a favorite of insects? 




Thursday, July 26


What four digit number has digit 1 THREE less than digit 4, which is ONE morethan digit 2, which is TWICE digit 3, which is not a prime

number and is ONE more than 1/3 of digit 4?




Wednesday, July 18

What links the following words?

Green – Halfway – Light – Tree – Ware




Tuesday, July 17

A 30 year old man married a 25 year old woman. She died at age 50 and her husband was so devastated

that he cried for years. Ten years after he stopped crying, he died. If he had lived to be 80, how many years was he a widower?



Monday, July 16


Danny took a test of 20 questions.

The test was graded by giving 10 points for each correct answer and deducting 5 points for each incorrect answer.

Danny answered all 20 questions and received a score of 125.

How many wrong answers did he have?

5 QUESTIONS (200 fro all the right, deduct 15 points for each wrong answer)



Friday, July 13


Saturday and Sunday, I am big.

Tuesday thru Thursday I am small.

Monday and Friday I am non-existent.

What am I?




Thursday, July 12


I'm named after nothing, though I'm awfully clamorous.

And when I'm not working, your house is less glamorous.

What am I?




Wednesday, July 11


Danny says to JoJo:   "I’ll let you flip a coin 20 times.

Each time the coin lands on heads, I will give you £2.00. However, each time the coin lands on tails,

you must give me £3.00." JoJo flips the coin 20 times and the end result is that no money changes hands.

How many times did the coin land on heads?




Tuesday, July 10

I am the black child of a white father,

a wingless bird, flying even to the clouds of heaven.

I cause those who see me to cry tears,

and on my birth I am dissolved into air.

What am I?




Monday, June 25

I'm so fast you can't see me,
Though everyone sees straight through me,
I don't stop until the day you die.
What am I?

The blink of an eye


Tuesday, June 19

I have seas without water,
I have forests without wood,
I have deserts without sand,
I have houses with no brick,
What am I? 



Wednesday, June 27

I run over fields and woods all day.
Under the bed at night I sit not alone.
My tongue hangs out, up and to the rear,
awaiting to be filled in the morning.
What am I?



Thursday, June 28

Jake and his filthy wife Joanne, were having a conversation during a road trip.
Jake said: "I am thinking of a tricky word that has five consonants in a row."
Joanne said: “Well, I’m lining up a word with four vowels in a row”
What are BOTH of their words?



Friday, June 22

Which word can be attached to the beginning of the following words to give six other words? ROCK, POST, SPREAD, TIME, EVIL, CLOTHES.


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