Lessons Learned

Have a look at the lessons our listeners have learned about the opposite sex and see if they ring true with you?

 Lessons for HIM:

Just do exactly what they say – It makes life so much easier and sometimes gets you extra bedroom favours.

Be careful where your fiancé goes for her hen do - After being engaged for three years, and planning to get married in July, my other half went to Ayia Napa with the girls…. she is now living there with a bar man!

Never go on holiday if your girlfriends taking her friends – They are usually prettier or just downright annoying, either way it will end up a disaster.

Don't pin your girlfriend down and tickle her until she cries – You risk her long gazelle like legs aiming a well placed kick at the crown Jewells…ouch!  

Women do not have a sense of humour – Don’t joke that her mood is only down to it being “nature’s special time”.

If you want to date 2 separate women at the same time then make sure they have the same name – It can save you from a potentially sticky situation!


Lessons for HER:

Never tell your boyfriend you hate his mum – NEVER mess with a mans mum!   

Don't ever tell your man that you like men with muscles – Now he is at the gym every day looking fabulous and getting attention from every other girl alive.

If you're having a fling with a guy who drives a distinctive sports car, make sure he parks round the back – This way you will avoid the little lad next door asking your boyfriend if he's got a new car...!!

If your boyfriend has just baked DO NOT TOUCH HIS FOOD – You may get dragged by the legs out into the pouring rain as punishment and then locked out the house wearing only tracksuit bottoms and a bra.

Don't make him nice dinners - He will just expect them all the time?  

Don’t show you have any independence – Men cannot cope with a woman that has her own money, does their own DIY and can hold their drink!  

When it comes to sex … LIE – If he asks if he was the best you've had, always answer yes, and certainly don’t divulge details about the ménage a trios you participated in before you met!