He Said, She Said

In case you've missed any of our previous dilemma's, or even if you just want to hear one again...


Cash Dilemma

10.06.11 - I'm not sure how to spend my cash

I'm Gay

09.06.11 - I want to be loud and proud

Super Fitty

08.06.11 - I have one but it's causing problems

Get Rid

07.06.11 - I want to end my friendship

Mate Slags Me Off

06.06.11 - I'm sick of it

Facebook Girl

06.05.11 - We still haven't met


05.05.11 - Which man do I choose

Exotic Dancer

04.05.11 - My parents will not approve

Bigger Wedding

03.05.11 - I'm jealous of Will and Kate


14.04.11 - Should I travel the world?


13.04.11 - My colleague is a fibber

Cheating Wife

12.04.11 - My husband moved from Oz

Dressed Man

11.04.11 - I spruced up my bloke

Time With Kids

01.04.11 - I'm worried that i'm missing out

Girlfriend Boss

30.03.11 - New job offer


29.03.11 - Should I get back?

Hates Sport

28.03.11 - My bloke just doesn't like it

Yappy Dogs

25.03.11 - They are so annoying


23.03.11 - I need tips

Too Friendly

22.03.11 - Work colleague is annoying me

Romance Novel

21.03.11 - Life just isn't how it should be

Uni Dilemma

18.03.11 - Uni Fail

Birth or Best Man

17.03.11 - Do I ditch best mate or missus?

Cheating Wife

16.03.11 - I think she is playing away


14.03.11 - Do we go away or buy a house?


11.03.11 - She'll only take me back if I jump

Baby Talk 

10.03.11 - I just feel left out

Wedding Fear

09.03.11 - I'm worried it might kick off! 

Fitty Blonde 

08.03.11 - Men are stupid

Best Friend 

07.03.11 - I just don't like her 

2 Blokes

04.03.11 - I'm in a situation


03.03.11 - The worst proposal ever!

Let Myself Go 

02.03.11 - My bloke reckons i've let myself go

Don't Like Friend 

28.02.11 - I just don't like my mate any more and I don't know why

No Kids 

24.02.11 - I lied to my fiance 

Baby Advice 

24.02.11 - My sister in law is interfering 

Girlfriends Dad 

23.02.11 - I'm getting so much pressure to provide


22.02.11 - I'm so jealous and I hate it

Mums Friend 

21.02.11 - I have a big problem


17.02.11 - I don't want to go on holiday with my friends kids


16.02.11 - My daughter wants to arrive to her wedding in a digger truck


15.02.11 - I was taken to the social club

Sleep Insults

14.02.11 - My other half sleep insults me

Jealous Lady

10.02.11 - I have the green eyed monster!

Mates Ex

09.02.11 - I'm seeing his and he's seeing mine...


08.02.11 - My wife won't let me have my dream car!


07.02.11 - When is he going to do it?

Get Over It

04.02.11 - I can't get over my ex...


03.02.11 - I met a girl while skiing but she lives hours away.

Not Gay

02.02.11 - It's hard for me to pull because ladies think i'm gay.


01.02.11 - Should I wait for my man to be ready


28.01.11 - My new bloke is swimming in debt.


27.01.11 - I'm not sure if I've been dumped.

Boss affair

26.01.11 - He ended it


25.01.11 - I'm moving, should I propose.


24.01.11 - My wife wants us to have a shared hobby...

No Trust

21.01.11 - I cheated 2 years ago but my wife still won't trust me...

Mates Hate Missus

20.01.11 - My friends can't stand my other half...

All Good

19.01.11 - Everything is great...when will it go wrong?


18.01.11 - Living with my missus is like living with my mum!

Bad Clothes

17.01.11 - My fella has dreadful dress sense

Wrong Text

14.01.11 - I sent a text to the wrong girl ... HELP!

Mum Dating

13.01.11 - My mum is dating my husbands mate.

Mega Drive

12.01.11 - Shall I go and stay with a mate or play on my Mega Drive

3 Brothers

11.01.11 - I have 3 Brothers chasing me.


10.01.11 - I just don't seem to be able to meet anyone.


06.01.11 - My work colleague is disgusting!

Free Pass  

05.01.11 -  My girlfriend was unfaithful and has offered me a free pass.


04.01.11 - My best friend is ignoring me and I don't know why?