Give or Take!

If you’re a bit skint for Christmas – Hirsty’s Daily Dose is giving somebody the chance to win some awesome prizes to give to their family this Christmas!

We've now picked out our main contestant - so your only option is to try and TAKE the prize away from them each morning on Hirsty's Daily Dose.  Here's what you need to try and steal each day...

  • On MONDAY you could be sorting out your dad or boyfriend with some style – with £1000 to spend at Van Mildert in Meadowhall
  • On TUESDAY there’s the chance to tick your mum off the list by pampering her with a Hotel Chocolat Hamper and a year’s worth of Manicures from Mint in Meadowhall!
  • On WEDNESDAY it’s the kids’ turn, with a brand new bike and all the safety gear - as well as a new Windows 7 Laptop to play games on.
  • On THURSDAY you can treat your sister or girlfriend with Ugg boots from Fashion Rocks, designer jeans and a bag from Guess – AND a Bon Bon necklace from Azendi, all in Meadowhall.
  • On FRIDAY it’s all about the gadget lovers (maybe even you) with a brand new iPad thanks to Apple at Meadowhall.

GIVE OR TAKE – on Hirsty's Daily Dose at Capital!