Fitty 500 - The Winning Moment

The Fitty 500 Winning Moment!


Teresa from Sheffield bags that BRAND NEW Fiat 500 thanks to Stoneacre.

All week we were getting you lot to keep a look out for Miss Fitty 500, who was driving around Yorkshire in a special branded car.  

Once you spotted her you had to text the secret code on the side, for your chance to win a new motor.

Thomas, Erin and Teresa did just that - and they got to come into Capital Towers bright and early to battle it out for those keys.  

Adam, Danny & JoJo gave the three of them 30 seconds each to convince the people of Yorkshire that THEY were the one most deserving of winning the car.  We then threw it out to you lot to decide our winner.  

This was the moment Teresa found out she'd won.