Clip Of The Day

Each day we'll scour the web so you don't have to and try and find something to put a smile on your face.

A scary plastic Alligator 

Magpies can't talk can they? Well, apparently they can...

This may be the cutest thing in the world...

This is why dogs are best

To be fair this is a pretty good prank!

We all wanted a tree house as a kid, but surely this is taking it too far?  

This guy has some mad skills!  

Sick of shaving your head? Why not try this?

Canadians are weird!

This guy takes slam dunking a bit too far!

A reminder for us all to be careful while texting!  

Ever seen a monkey riding a pig? Now you have... 

Remeber the Homesless man with the amazing voice? He's got a new job!

Do you think we should try and get this guy working on our show?

See the amazing fancy dress cat!

Gentlemen, do you have trouble understanding what your other half really means? You need the Manslator!