Boo Bad Parents!

Check out the stories from our listeners exposing their parents failings when they were kids. Brilliant reading...but not for the faint hearted!

When I was about 7 I fell out the car on a bend as the door wasn't shut properly and had to run after the car as mum didn't realise I'd gone.. To top it off I had landed in a massive puddle so was soaking... Scared for life!


When my older brother was younger he was on the bowls green with our nan When he slipped and smashed his head open on one of the bowls balls, an old man spotted it and put my brother on the back of his moped to take him to hospital and then my nan thought he was kidnapping him so she kicked them off the moped and started beating the old man whilst my brother laid there bleeding!


When I was six, me and my family was going to a party. Anyway my dad decided to dance with me, he picked me up and chucked me up in the air. Well my head hit the ceiling and some of the roof came down. luckily I only had a hit big bump on my head. Mind you my dads face was priceless. Never cried so much in my life. Big tips Lisa. Sheffield.


When i was about 4/5 on a day out at Bridlington my cousins pushed me out in a tiny dingy, with my parents not keeping an eye on me i ended up drifting that far out a small fishing boat had to rescue me. My dad even went mad at me for it !!!! Lee in hull


Last Christmas my dad bought some little cans of tonic to use for mixers. He opened a can put in a straw and handed it to my 4 year old son. After about 20 minutes my son was jumping around like a looney. My 76 year old father had only given him a can of gin and tonic and got my child drunk! Christine from leeds


When i was about three my dad used to let me pretend to drive the car and sitting in the drivers seat etc. One day driving over the ouse bridge a big gust of wind took the bonnet straight off, id pulled the release cap. He learnt to supervise me at all times Sophie


When my niece was 2 I locked her in the car along with my keys.... accidentally. It was pandemonium she was throwing a tantrum my mum was trying to crack open the door with a wire coat hanger and i was bawling my eyes out. 2 hours and a recovery truck later she was free and luckily too young to remember so my sister still doesnt know!! Thicky Vicki  


My nan looked after me she got watching TV I went in fridge ate whole jar beetroot none my nan none the wiser until few hours later when my mum came home I went for wee and it was completely purple! She was on verge of visit to a&e and a horrified nan when they discovered the jar!!! Emma


When i was 3 my mum made me enter a fancy dress competition dressed as a "mum" she put oranges down my top to look like boobs and made me push a pushchair. I cried through the whole thing which apparently made it cuter. Everyone just laughed at me. Kirstie


My dad was carrying me in Moses basket when I was a couple of days old he went to open gate at me grans thinking he had hold of both handles! He thought god this has got light looking down to see me rolling down the hill from cable chris


My mum dropped me down the stairs when i was a baby. Now when anything goes wrong or I have a headache she says she blames the fall. Trouble is, she is still saying this and i'm 54.


My mum once was changing the nets and as a baby I grabbed hold of the end and got it stuck in my throat! Needless to say I have a gag reflux now. Debi in scunny 


When I was 2ish my dad took me to the local park where they have monkey bars. I saw them and headed straight for them, my dad however, continued to talk to a friend. I proceeded to jump for the 5 foot bar, missed by an inch and got spun upside, landed on my neck, breaking my collar bone. I interrupted his conversation as i was unconscious and was rushed to hospital... My mum refused to let him in the house for a week. Lovely will x


When I was about 5 and my dad was a mechanic in the RAF he used to regularly fix cars. He once left a broken wiper blade on the floor which I stood on and impaled my ankle. I have a scar on either side and my parents are adamant it went right through, I don't remember. From gerbil head


When I was about 4 or 5 my dad was on the banking on top of the wall in back Garden tidying it up and I ran out and as I did he kicked the bucket he was using and hit me straight on my face and was bleeding from my face. Now I have blurred vision in one eye constantly. I never let him live it down to this day. Jamie from huddersfield


When i was about one I became constipated, my mum was going to work so she told my dad to give me a prune and to remember to take the stone out. When she got home, he had given me the entire tin of prunes! needless to say i wasn’t constipated again for sometime! Nurse Hannah


When I was about 2 my dad has his feet on the coffee table and I was running into them and bouncing off them. After about 5 minutes my mum came in from the kitchen not realising what I was doing told my dad to get his legs down just as I ran upto them again. I went straight into the fireplace and still have the scar!! From chelsea x 


My dad lost me in grease when i was 3 they found me about an hour later playing with a stray dog about a mile from where they left me… and in the same week he gave me a chuppa chup lolly and started too paint the living room when he turned round too see why it had gone so quiet he found i had bit though the stick and swallowed the lolly hole and turned blue :( so he picked me up by my leg and hit me on the back, there's still a dent where the lolly hand it the wall with so much force. From tester dan 


When I was 4, my older sister who was 6 asked my mum if she could play hair dressers with me, and she said yeah not knowing my sister had previously got the kitchen scissors. An hour later and my hair had been completely hacked off. My mum was fuming, plus i was being a bridesmaid for my auntie the next day. The photos from the wedding are awful. Gillian yeadon 


When I was younger I lived in America. Me and my dad were playing with an american football… I think I was about 6 at the time he threw it so hard it hit my eye and cut open my eye brow. I still have a scar now! From trace 


I was washing my dads car when my next door neighbour came round. I tried to show off and turned it on and it was an automatic and shot forward nearly ran me over and shot into the garage wall collapsing it. The car was only a day old. chris on the orchard bus. 


When i was about 5 my dad took me and my brother to the pond to feed the ducks and after a stern warning from my mum telling him to make sure he didn’t take his eye off my younger brother he totally forgot to watch me as well, and he turned round to find my legs poking out off the frozen pond. I d broken the ice with my head but couldn’t get back up, it was terrifying but not as terrifying as my mums face when she came to pick us up. charlotte, york


When I was a baby my dad took me out for a walk in the pushchair. He was pushing me up a hill and was pushing me far in front of him and letting me roll back to him. THEN he did it and one front wheel hit a stone/pebble. The pushchair went over and smashed my face in! Result! Ryan Barnsley


When I was about 2 I was all dressed up in my new party dress, when I really needed a wee, my neighbour offered to take me to the loo, and sat me on the toilet then walked off, forgetting I usually used a potty, she came back 5 mins later to find my arms and legs sticking out of the top of the loo. I'd only gone and fallen in! Lucky Liv in Hudds. 


My grandma was baby sitting for us, I was a baby, when my grandma was feeding me, my 3 year old sister drank half a bottle of gin from the drinks trolly, she had to go to hospital suzanne hull


When i was just a few days old my dad was watching me while my mum went to the shops, when he went to pick her up she was suprised to see i wasn’t in the car, he had forgot about me and left me at home… luckily i slept through it, he also dropped my sister on her head as a baby USELESS


When i was like 3 i was fitted in a baby carrier on my dads back which flipped over so my dad was walking with me upside down adam on the bus 


not my parents but my sister had lots of fails with me.. But she once took me out when I was a baby in my pushchair.. She was trying to get my pram up a kurb and was really struggling, so she put some real force into it... Unfortunately this resulted in me being thrown out of the pram and landing on my head. As you can imagine I had the largest bump right on my forehead. My sister returned home saying a little boy went into the pushchair on his bike which caused me to fall out. My mum went driving round the streets looking for this little boy.. Thank god she never found one!! Tick tock gem xx


when I was 2 I had operations on my hip and had to wear a cast on both legs with a bar across, my dad used to carry me upside down and swing me around he once hit my head on the pushchair. Then when I was 10 had the operation done again at Christmas and dad took me out in wheelchair and got me stuck in a ditch. Dubai dellie


Whilst crawling on the floor my dad picked up my toy that was one of those kind of rattles with a suction base (the kind you would stick to the table of a high chair) licked it and stuck it to my back - visit to St james' coz it wouldn't come off. Mark on the A1


When i was a baby my mum went out to town with me all done out in my new pram. After shopping she went home and my dad asked 'where is the baby?'. She had come all the way home and left me in my pram outside the butchers! Liz, Huddersfield


Went with my 3 year old son to leeds by train. On the way back train was already in station so we had to run for it. Collective gasp from passengers as my sons face hit top of train doorway. He was on my shoulders. Westy


When I was 18 months old I fell off the sofa whilst on holiday and hit my head on the concrete floor. As we were due to go home that day my mum decided that it would be better to carry me unconscious onto the ferry & train rather than go to a foreign hospital...we were in the isle of Wight. Fibat


When I was about 2 my dad threw me up in the air to catch me and then sneezed and dropped me. My mum went absolutely mental, from leah in leeds 


Before child locks on cars; my mother was driving in traffic through a town in Canada. My brother was sat next to me on the back seat of the car when he accidentally opened the door and fell out! This could clearly have been fatal but fortunately when it happened we were moving slowly and he fell out of the pavement side of the car. My brother was left temporarily dazed on the road in front of a group of people waiting for a bus. I think mom was very embarrassed when she had to walk back to get him. 


My father went to the registry office to do my birth certificate and did everything wrong… he put his mum as my mum and my name and date of birth wrong!!!!!


I was born at half 7 at night so mum missed the 'bathing lesson' so at 12 hours old my mum dropped me face 1st into a bath! She always added that she fished me out before the sister turned round! :)! 


My dad decided I needed to stop being so soft and take the breaks off my rollerblades as my older brother and younger sister had already had them taken off. My dad however did this without my knowledge. Safe to say I went down a hill couldn't stop, grabbed onto a fence to stop myself, swung over the fence into nettles, I came home looking like a marshmallow and had to bathe in camomile lotion for a week. Mum not happy, dad ordered to put my breaks back on.


Put baby asleep in pram outside in back garden for some fresh air. It started to rain. Ran outside to fetch the washing in and forgot about the baby!! Only realised when stuck head out of door to see if could put washing back out!

Once when me and my hubby were having a look round B&Q our daughter she was about 3 she wandered of, we were panicking looking for her, she found us and we said were have you been? She said I’ve been for a wee, and she pointed over there, only pointing to a showroom bathroom suit, god i was so embarrassed.. stacey from hull


I was once eating my tea when I was about 5 years old when I suddenly started choking on a large piece of sausage from my toad in the hole that I was devouring. I panicked, ran into the kitchen where my dad was washing up trying to signal for help but my dad thought I was play acting and threatened to ground me if I didnt stop messing around! In the end my mum managed to save me with a large slap on the back. Then it was my dads life in danger as my mum tried to beat him to death with a rolling pin. Vinyl tile jamie


When I was about 5 my dad (after a few drinks) showed me a "magic trick" Ever seen a match burn twice he asked, no I replied, he lit one and said "once" blew it out and stuck the still hot end on the back of my hand "twice!" he said as I pulled my Hand away, I still have the scar on my hand from it!


When I was 2 my dad was throwing me up in the air and catching me making me laugh, but the last go he threw me too hard up and over his head fortunately he caught my arm just before I hit the ground, but as he grabbed my arm he dislocated my shoulder my mum was livid and hit him with a pan ha ha ha 


One day when I was little my mum was doing an exercise dvd, just as I walked behind her she did a kick sack and booted me under the chin...15 years on she's not heard the last of it! From Amy in bridlington x 


I'm a twin + once my grandparents were driving us somewhere.. The engine caught on fire + in the panic they grabbed my sister and left me!! Bless them, two was too many to cope with clearly! All was fine, they remembered me in time! Road rage Em


When I was about 5 I had done something wrong so mum said come here so she could clip me. I refused, was cheeky and ran away with mum chasing me up the garden. She was loosing ground so she launched the bucket of water she was carrying at me. Only thing was she let go of the bucket which was metal and it clocked me on the head causing a huge lump. It caused a right row between me mum and dad when he got home from work!


When I was about 2 my mum went to buy an ice-cream for my sister and not me and I pulled a wire and the lamp fell down and smashed on my head. 


When my middle daughter was 9 I had a zip wire fitted in my garden and attached one end to the garage, she was stood on the podium next to garage whilst I tested it! Sadly the garage collapsed under my weight and she was buried in brick and rubble, and as she is blonde the blood on her looked so bad as if freddie krugar had attacked her!, when she stopped shaking and crying I sorted her out, there were only a few scratches, but the wife was hysterical! Steve, halifax


My dad was picking me up and took home the wrong kid he didn't notice till my mum got home and said who’s this… my mum had to come and pick me up and the police were searching for the other kid.


My wife took our first daughter to subways and found a queue. She parked the Pram at front of the queue, ordered sandwich, paid for sandwich and left subways WITHOUT our daughter. Shaun in Bradford


My mum was busy getting pushchair out of car in multi-storey carpark at a large city centre shopping centre. When she turned round she saw my little sister (aged about 4) disappearing into the lift, and when it came bk up she had gone. Found her shortly after being looked after by shop assistant.


At about 7 or 8 I kept complaining of pin in my ankle but would then go play out. Eventually mum took me to hospital 4 an x-ray and was informed by a rather stern nurse 'this child has had a fractured ankle for so long its almost healed itself'! I m now 34 but still bring it up!! Vicky on m62 x 


When i was a baby my dad left my pram strap undone, and he was doing some construction on the house, so all of his tools were surrounding me, and i climbed out and fell and banged my head on a hammer, he ran 4 miles carrying me to the nearest hospital. When my mum got back, she was so angry she didn't talk to him for 2 weeks lucie in doncaster xxx


(This was my brother) my parents were renovating the house. And not just a splash of paint. I mean ripping out floors, knocking down walls and using aggressive power tools. We were still in the house when all the brick dust was flying everywhere. It hasn't affected us that much. Except my brother has asthma.


my mum lost me in leeds market when i was 5, worse thing about it was she dint even realise she ad lost me until she heard women announced my name over the PA! Natalie leeds 


When my mum had my brother, they went upstairs and she put him in his baby walker. She forgot to close the baby gate and he fell down the stairs and he fractured his skull! Ruby from pontefract 


When I was 3 my dad let me sit in the drivers seat of a car that he was fixing, when he went inside for something I managed to get the handbrake off the car causing the car to roll down a grass verge with me in it. Dad saw the car rolling down the hill with me in it from the kitchen window & ran after the car to get me out. He managed to get me out before it crashed at the bottom of the hill! They took me to hospital to get me checked over as my dad had to throw me out of the car & they got to the hospital me mum realised she had left the dinner on which nearly set on fire. As you can tell I was popular & have never lived it down! From teacher Kirsty


When I was about 2 my mum took me swimming whilst we were there she sat me on the side of the pool and went off to swim a cheeky length. Obviously, with sods law prevailing I fell in and sank to the bottom and was fished out by an observant lifeguard. I've never let her forget it. Bi-curious Clare xxxx


At a few weeks old my dad was on watch and had took me upstairs on his way down he fell with me in his arms and put his elbows out unfortunately he ripped his elbows to shreds and mum went ballastic, from liam in sheffield


My mum told my dad to take me and my sister to the hairdressers to get our fringe cut whole she was at work but my dad, being my dad decided he could do a better job himself and brought out the bacon scissors. Me and my sister had the worst fringe in the world & when my mum asked my dad told us to tell her the hairdresser had done it! Love hollie, Sheffield x


When I was 2 my mum lent me against the fence at a french zoo to take a picture of me with the elephants behind, after several minutes of me crying and mum shouting at me a french passer by ran over grabbed me and dragged mum to a small sign a couple of meters further down the fence that said electric fence do not touch from doons in doncaster


My boyfriends dad was getting him on a bus in the rush he folded up the pushchair with his younger brother in it! Gen leeds


When my son was new born i fell asleep with him on my chest and woke to him crying to see him on the floor with a big carpet burn on his head it took some explaining to his mom window maker paul in sheffield 


Went swimming when I war little with mum at the metrodome! Ended up with half a finger left after she managed to chop it off in the locker door! Jak


When i was a baby, my mum was throwing me up in the air and catching me, but then i was sick in her mouth... Eww From Yellow Dress Katie xx


When I was a few weeks old my mum was changing my nappy, she turned around to get something & I rolled off the counter top, hitting a drawer on the way down. Ended up with a big dent in my head, was rushed to hospital and doctor said 'don't worry, if it doesn't pop out on it's own in a week, we'll use a hook to scoop it out'. Few wks later dad was smoking a cigarette whilst holding me, he accidentally dropped ash on my face & decided to give up:) London Girl xx


My mum left me on beach with dad so she could go shopping Blackpool and dad lost me i ended up lost children caravan. My Uncle kindly grassed dad up in the dining room back at boarding house


Can remember when i was 7 and my mum had my baby sister we had been for walk to the shops got home and she thought she forgot something then realised she had left the baby outside the butchers. Adele. rotherham


My mum has had some major boo boos with me and my brother how I've made it to 24 god knows, my mum was holding my brother over her shoulder whilst cutting some bread, he flopped back and smacked his head on the worktop, he had two black eyes and her n my aunty tried to hide it from my dad by putting hats on until I apparently said why do his eyes look like that? Sara guiseley  


When I was about 8 I went on a bike rode with my dad After pedalling for ages we decided to turn around and go home but taking another route next to a river. The path was quite narrow. My dad kept telling me to keep pedalling and not look down. I looked down and fell straight in. All dad did was shout don't get my paper wet and burst out laughing! I still don't let him live it down. Katy Huddersfield x


When I was a little baby, my mom was bouncing me her bed, making me giggle. She got a bit carried away and I bounced right off and banged my head against the door ... I grew up thinking I had a birthmark on my forehead ... Turns out its the scar! From Mad Ang


Once went head first over handle bars on Bmx when I was about 7-8. Went inside with arm in pain, mum wouldn't believe anything was wrong. After 3 hours at home in pain eventually convinced her to take me to hospital, I had a broken wrist, arm in cast for weeks. Chris in Barnsley


My mum took me swimming (I couldn't swim) I was bobbing up and down in the baby pool gradually getting deeper, I eventually got to the point when my head was going under the water on the downward bob and out of the water on the upward bob, so I shouted for my mum, mum, glug glug, mum, glug glug, mum, glug! As i was drowning I looked around to see my mum talking to the life guard Phil

My mum left my father alone for a weekend he ran out of nappy cream he put shaving balm on my bum .... Few months later I fell out my cot and my dad just rubbed my arm and told it's fine ... Turned out broke my wrist they did not tell me until I discovered a picture of me in a cast ... Now is that a down fall of having a solider for a dad? Megan Lou


When my sister was a baby my mum used to work shifts so it was left to my dad to the bed and bath duties…. my sister lucy used to be a nightmare at getting to sleep so my dad used to dip her dummy in his beer and his whisky … to this day my mum still has no idea !


When i was about 7 we were taking our German shepherd for a walk my dad said whatever you do don’t let go of the lead because she will chase the sheep, so when she did start chasing them i just held on and was dragged about half a mile before i had to let go because i couldn’t see past the sheep poo anymore. Mum wasn’t impressed at all. From Carer Claire x


When I was younger my dad took me to the shops, when walking back home a fella stopped him and said 'is that your daughter' oh god he said…. he left me outside the shop while he was reading his paper bronwyn hull



We were getting ready to go away, to make things easier I was put in my cot while mum and dad packed the car! Anyway everything ready they got my brother in the car, jumped in and set off. About five miles down the road they realised they'd forgotten something ME! Fiona hessle


My dad was on school pick up duty, i was 6! DAD FORGOT it was his day to pick me up, left me waiting at school for 2 hours until my teacher called my mum... She came to pick me up and she was so angry at him she threw all his clothes out in the garden! Lol. He didn’t forget me again. Claire Bear from sheffield


I've been told that when i was a baby my dad and my uncle used to throw me between themselves but one time they dropped me! Luckily i was low down and near a sofa 


When i was younger we had to move into my nana and grandads for a while and i shared a room with my parents. I wasn’t a baby but i was young enough to still be in a cot which mother kept in the wardrobe and ive been told that i used to knock on the inside of the door in the morning to be let out! Needless to say i now have a fear of enclosed spaces! Jody doncaster.


My little brother was sleeping in my mum and dads bed and in the middle of the night my mum woke up and she could hear him crying. He wasnt in the bed and my mum started to panic. Eventually she found him under the bed. He had rolled off and gone under! Kez 


My husband had cried all day. When his dad got home his mum said you can deal with him he’s been crying for hours! I’ve tried everything food drinks playing but nothing. His dad took him and checked his nappy.  She had put the pin through the top of his manhood! Janet, leeds 


My mum bought me some new shoes when I was a kid and we went out for day trip and I was moaning all day that my feet hurt, she blamed because they were new.... She had only left paper in end of shoes all day!!! Gaz in Bradford


It was the sunday 10th october 1976 i remember it well as it was my 10th birthday. My dad and i went to see my grandma and on the way we called in to the local paper shop where my dad bought me a comic. back In the car on the way to my grandmas i was sat looking threw my comic leaning in the corner of the seat back and the car door, needless to say when we turned right the door opened and i was ejected out the car all my dad saw was my feet disappearing out the door. Lucky for me there was no cars behind us. Dad stopped i jumped up and got back in and we set off again. Needles to say mum was not impressed when she found out. From Engineer Andy in leeds


when I was about 8? I had a tooth that was lose and I wouldn't let my step dad take it out ! I was crying so he kicked his shoe off in a temper and his shoe "smacked" me straight in my mouth and knocked my tooth out! I stopped crying and laughed so did my step dad! Mum never new about it! Lol from ham shank larry


We were on holiday in France and my dad had a baby seat on his push bike as he decided to go off road through a small river and fell off only caring about himself as he fell over and jumped off the bike and ran to the side… completely forgetting i was still strapped in the baby seat submerged in the water. Joe mirfield


When i was about three my dad used to let me pretend to drive the car and sit me in the drivers seat etc. One day over the ouse bridge big gust of wind took the bonnet straight off, id pulled the release cap. He learnt to supervise me at all times sophie


I remember looking After my niece she was in one of those swings that you hang in a door frame, I pretended to shut the door as she swung out, the door clicked shut... She’s had a flat nose ever since.. Gibbo from Wakefield


I grew up on a farm. My mum always used this grim yellow stuff on us when we cut or grazed ourselves. When I could read, I read the label on the jar. It was cow udder salve and not for use on humans! Becca in chapel allerton


My dad dressed me as a clown for silver jubilee and glued a ping pong ball on my nose with bostick glue, had to rip it off after as i was an attendant to the queen with a bright red nose! Claire doncaster 


My hubby and his sister hijacked a milk float when they were 4/5 whilst he was collecting, it wasn't till it was too late they realized and they crashed into a wall, you can still tell now where wall was rebuilt. Juicy sal :)


When my youngest sister was born my mum couldn't understand why she was being so sick, until she realised the fridge was broken and was feeding her sour milk! She then somehow managed to burn her hand at a week old with the curling tongs. Furthermore at 8 months old she fell off of the dining table head first whilst getting her dressed... And finally at 18 months my mum had left the top off of the nail polish remover and caught my sister drinking it which resulted in a trip to A&A! Fortunately since she has managed to reach the age of 18 unscathed! Claire in Doncaster


After a shopping trip my dad slammed the boot lid down onto my head! I think I was 8... But I can't really remember... He then blamed it on me because I "shouldnt have been in the boot as I'm not old enough" Worst on the spot excuse ever just so he was safe from my mum! James in Sheffield.


I was about 2 laid on my mothers bed when I decided to roll off, I was fine at this point until my worrying mum picked me up very quickly to see if I was ok. Hitting my head on the corner of my cot on the way up. 19 years on I still have the scar


I remember when my parents let my older brother teach me how to ride a bike, I was about 5 years old when it happened, he decided to put me on his bigger bike at the top of a hill and push me down it saying if I stayed on until the bottom I could ride a bike, I stayed on and crashed through some hedges at the bottom he found me still holding on to the bike at the other side in a big tangled heap with a big grin. 


At the age of 2 my mum thought it would be easier to curl my hair at home as I did not like the hairdressers, she had a massive fail when she cut the top of my ear off. I had to wear a condom shaped bandage for 3 months and still have a deformed ear now. Adrian, Leeds


My partners dad had to look after him when he was a baby for the first time alone without mum as she had her first night out with the girls since his birth. The pub got a frantic call from his dad demanding his wife got back home as he had changed the nappy and put the 'safety' pin straight through the baby and blood was everywhere! Its a family legend in my partners house. Lucky lora


This is a shared parent/big sister fail. When i was 7, my mum and dad asked me to watch my 8 month old sister whilst they 'did something' upstairs. My sister began crawling around the room and found a video case...she suddenly began to cry so i tried to pick her up...only to drop her and impale her eye on the video case! She now has a 2 inch scar in her eyebrow after having it glued! Whoops! Danielle, leeds! X


Adult fail. Re: the rattle with sucker on bottom. Stuck it on my forehead to amuse my son and had to walk round with circular lovebite on my forehead for a week! Big bad dave chesterfield 


I’ve thought of a fail from my mum!! She always used to let me play with our dog on it's lead in the house so I could pretend I was going to the shops with my dog and baby. So naturally as you would when you get to a shop you'd tie your dog up outside. Well I tied ours up to the wall cabinet while I went to shop. Anyway, someone knocked at the door which always caused our dog to run to it, so off she goes, pulling the wall cabinet with her - now this wall cabinet was glass!!!! I'm sure you can imagine the mess! But you'd think my mum would learn, few months later I tied her to the fireplace, yet again she ran and pulled the gas fire off the wall causing a gas leak : She also let me dress up while playing these games, so I'd also wear her jewellery - big mistake as I lost her engagement ring, it was never found!!! tick tock gem xx


When I was bout 6 months old my dad had me in a car seat and was dangling it above his head when the straps broke and a head butted him! Hence I never been the same again!!!! Sam from cape town


We were on holiday in Spain and my 5 year old brother had been moaning for red grape juice all morning so mum and dad finally gave in n bought him some. He started to drink it then moaned again saying he didn’t like it. We all shouted at him to drink it cos he'd been playing up all day for it. Anyway, my dad finally had a sip and it turned out we’d been forcing him to drink red wine!! Oops! He's 25 now and no longer turns his nose up at alcoholic beverages! 


When i was about 4 my mum was making coffee and their was a knock at the door so i was left sat on the side with a boiling kettle and i thought i'd be nice and make my mummy a coffee, it didn't end well, i ended up with boiling water all over me, i was in doncaster royal soon after :) x Chef Cara


When my Mum found out she was pregnant they told her she was having identical twin boys so she bought all boys blue clothes but i was the second twin to be born and to everyone’s surprise i was a girl … but due to my parents not having a lot of money 23 years ago she had to dress me in the blue clothes but up until we were about 8 months old my mum and dad had no idea who was who and every time someone asked who was who my mum had to look in our nappies!! Lisa in havercroft


My mum used to freeze everything and one night my dad needed some cheese. Bit didn't want to use a whole block so decided to cut a section off! He needed both hands so asked me to hold the block of frozen cheese. Dad was finding it hard to cut through the cheese and when the colour of the cheese was changing from yellow to red we realised he had cut my finger right to the bone! Couldn't feel it because the coldness of the frozen cheese numbed my finger! Ouch! Dad was distraught! Bless. Pam in Harrogate


When I was a baby my parents left me with my grandpa for the day, he decided it would be a good idea to put me on the dogs back for a ride, unfortunately I fell off and went straight through the glass door 


When I was a toddler n my brother was a baby my mum left us in the living room playing and watching TV whilst she did things around the house, she came in the room to find out why it was so quiet, I had decided to shampoo both of our hair...with sudocrem, more on his than mine as it was harder to do mine, but anyways she tried washing it off and took us to the chemist to find things that could get it off, no chance...we had to walk around for weeks with hats on, and it was summer!! Clareece x x


Do you remember the terry towel nappies? Well, I was crying one day not stop for a good couple of hours. My parents kept looking down the back of the nappy to see if I had filled it. It was empty. After a few more hours of crying I filled the said nappy and a ‘change’ was necessary. My dad realised what the problem was, he had put the large nappy pin through the nappy and into my belly button and back into nappy! Foxy Bradford 


I used to be a gymnast and during one training session I fell off the beam hurting my groin and toe. I kept moaning to my mum that my toe was killing, but she kept saying there’s nowt wrong with you. So in the morning after a painful night she took me to casualty, and it turned out that I’d broken my big toe and cracked my pubic bone. Oh did she feel bad – and I’ve never let her forget lol. Shirazless Tracy xx 


When I was 4, we'd just moved into a new house and my dad was upstairs decorating the bedrooms when my mum decided to go up and check on his progress. She thought she would be able to leave me alone for a couple of minutes! An hour later my nana and grandad walked in the back door to find me sat in the pantry with a bottle of martini and a bottle of my dad's home made wine, both half empty and me a little drunk! My nana was not amused and gave both my mum and dad a good talking to. From lisa in Hull  


My aunt put a nappy pin through my cousins ‘privates’. His eyes still water when we mention it. Big Geoff from Tamworth


When I was a baby my mum zipped my chest skin into a snow suit. My mum panicked and my dad went mad as I screamed whilst they tried to remove the zip. I still have the scar that is about 5cm long, and remind my mum every now and then lol - Cheryl Patrice 


When my 12year old girl was 3, she knocked a tin of spaghetti out of my hands at the supermarket and ‘thud’, it landed right on her head. Blood was everywhere!! Got her glued back together at A&E!! To this day her story goes, 'mam threw a tin at my head'. Makes me out to be a right bad mother! lol x 


When I was about 3 on Christmas day my mum and dad had fallen asleep after dinner with me. I woke up and managed to climb up onto the dining table and drank what was left of a bottle of wine. My mum and dad woke up to find me passed out on the table wrapped around the bottle, to this day I can’t stand the smell or taste of wine! Lol. Daddy Dale  


I was 2 years old and we were at the zoo and the monkeys escaped. My mum ran off and left me in the pram with the monkeys! I've never forgiven her! Lisa from York xx 


One Xmas the whole family went to my grandparents for dinner. Everyone had a glass of sherry with their dinner but didn't remove them from the table after. So 5 year old me went round and drank the lot then collapsed cracking my head on the fireplace. I still have the dint in my forehead. 


When I was 4, my dad took me and my older sister to Wickes as he needed some building stuff. He was so busy talking to a sales assistant that my older sister suggested we should play hide and seek. But because there was no where to hide I had to close my eyes and find her. Needless to say I got injured. Walked straight into a shelving unit, cut my head open and spent the night in hospital. I’ve still got the scars to this day. Jenny 


My brother while aged 7, got shoulder ride from club back to our caravan on a busy camp site, all ok until my dad did not see cable between caravans. My brother got hit in the throat and ended up off dad shoulders and still whines about it.


My dad accidentally broke my arm while feeding me as a baby. 


I was putting on my wellies aged about 4, and put my fingers in the door to steady myself.... Dad was closing all the doors to put the alarm on, and said to mum, “why can’t I shut this door?” Persistently he carried on trying to shut the door, where I happened to have my fingers. Then mum eventually realised that my fingers were being crushed by the door! xx  


When I was a baby my mum left me in my pram outside of a shop. She looked at the pram and said, "Ooo that woman’s got the same pram as me" and then proceeded to walk home. Only when she had reached the top of the street did she remember it was her pram with me in it! She ran all the way back to get me! Lol  



When I was 5, we were going on our holiday. We stopped half way there for a rest stop. When I went to get back in the car my dad shut the back door before I had got in properly. My fingers got caught and they were broken. 6 hours later, after finally arriving on our hols we had to spend 4 hours in a local A&E. Big Mac Mic 


When I was 5, me, my mum, dad, aunty and uncle went for a curry in my uncles brand new Discovery. The restaurant was full so we got a takeaway instead. Well, my mum had it on her lap and as she put her seatbelt on, the tubs of hot curry split all over my crotch area - mass hysteria ensued! My mum and dad were rushing to get me out of the car, wrestling with the seatbelt and my aunty was pulling at my trousers.  My uncle had little concern for me, his nephew and was more bothered about his cream coloured seats!


When I was 3 or 4, I was gardening with my mum and I grabbed the garden fork, plunged it into the ground and straight through my foot leaving me stuck! I still have the star shaped scar now! Martin from hull


I once went over the handle bars of a bike in the middle of the road. I managed to scramble me and the bike to the pavement and slouched against a wall. I rang my mum to pick me up as I was struggling to move. She thought I was lying in order to get a lift home. Half an hour later she turned up and could see she had made a mistake. That night I was sat in bed and couldn't move. My dad came up and told me stop moaning and pushed me in the ribs. The next day they decided to take me to A&E and it turned out I had broken 3 ribs! They were so nice to me after that. 


I remember buying fake blood as a kid and running in the house with it gushing out my mouth. Dad thought I’d had a major fall. 2 weeks later my plan backfired. While having a punch up with my brother in the kitchen, I fell on a broken hinge and took a huge chunk out my heel. I ran screaming to tell my dad ran in the front room and my dad took one look at my heel and told me off for trying to get him with the trick blood again! I ended up on crutches for 2 weeks! 


Me and my sister were playing leap frog and although my sister was older and heavier she still leaped over me. I screamed holding my shoulder and my dad told me to ‘man up’ and said it was just bruised it. 3 days later the head teacher of my infant school phoned my house and said Jon needs to go to hospital. Adamant it was just bruised I was reluctantly taken to A&E, where we found out I had fractured my collar bone badly. Never took medical advice since from my dad, Meter man Jon


 I nagged and nagged my mum to cut a fringe in my hair when I was about 10. She kept saying no but was so fed up of my nagging finally gave in and grabbed a handful of my hair and cut it, leaving me with a fringe that was like an inverted letter V. So after she had straightened it, it was about an inch long. I never asked again. CAD Sandra 

I left my 5 week old son with his dad while I popped out. In the bathroom we had a unit which we laid the baby on, on a changing mat when getting him bathed. When I returned about an hour later my partner was sat on the sofa, as white as the towel and our son was wrapped in on his knee. When I asked what was wrong, he said our son had fallen off the unit into the bath on the changing mat but had smacked his head and had a massive lump. How did that happen I asked, “The phone was ringing so I went to answer it!” was his reply! This was before cordless or mobile phones! I think you can guess what had happened. Luckily our son was fine. Lynn, Hull x 


My ex partners mum took him shopping at a few weeks old leaving him outside a shop in town whilst she went in. Some hours later at home the milkman came and asked to see the new baby with a look of horror on her face she realised he was still outside the shop. I however believe she knew what she was doing. Karen 


On a day out to the seaside my dad’s car broke down and was overheating so needed water. As we were in the middle of nowhere and just fields all around us my dad saw a farm house in the distance so he told me, who was about 2 at the time to take my little brother who was 5, across the field with a canister to ask for some water. As we got half way across the field I noticed a BIG MASSIVE BULL staring at us. I grabbed my little brother and turned round to see my mum and dad and other siblings waving and screaming RUN, RUN! I just managed to run leap over the fence and hitch my little brother over by his shorts before the bull rammed into the fence inches from us. Needless to say my mum didn’t speak to my dad for the rest of the day!! Lol! Jeanette from Bradford.