'Sexing Up' Your Job Title

Tinder Job

Tinder are now matching based on what you do for a living. We asked you lot to text in saying how you'd 'sex up' your job title...

Here's some of our favourites from you lot!


Karen in Huddersfield

Barmaid = Beverage Dispensing Operator


Rach's Friend's Dad

Fish Gutter = Aquatic Surgeon


Salesman Andy

Painter & Decorator = Professional Colour Distributor


Sophie from Cottingham

Looks After Children = Future Generation Supervisor



Midwife = Life Delivery Facilitator



Plasterer = Compound Applicator & Finishing Technician


Aaron from Lincoln

Fence Erector = Specialist Boundary & Building Divide Technician 


Katie from Wakey

Receptionist = Director of First Impression


Jay from Leeds 

Dinner Lady = Education Centre Nourishment Production Engineer


...and apparently we are: 'Digital Airwaves Entertainment Operators' Hmmm... 

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