Harvey Nicks fitty protest!

Every office has a fitty - and for us, that person was the lovely Lisa!

But Harvey Nichols stole her from us - and they have far too many attractive employees. 

We think Harvey Nichols is involved in a serious plot to steal office hotties from every workplace in Yorkshire and keep them for themselves. It's selfish and Capital is a perfect example of a workplace that has been affected.

Help us with our campaign to get Harvey Nicks to evenly distribute office hotties in Yorkshire - they should be given a quota. For every one attractive employee, they need to have a few average lookers.

This isn't just an issue for females - even the fellas are far too good looking for their own good! 

Watch the video of our protest below. WE WANT LISA BACK! 

PS. If you don't get that the above stuff is a joke, you are banned from listening to us. Ta.

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