About Sally

Name: Sally Bailey

Ideal night out: Dinner with my husband and friends, followed by cocktails, sweeeeetie!

First single you ever bought: Cliff Richard 'Daddy’s Home'

Favourite album: Jack Johnson 'In Between Dreams'

Favourite movie: Bourne Identity (Dirty Dancing a close 2nd)

Favourite tipple: White wine

Favourite holiday destination: Anywhere you can ski or dive

First childhood memory: On a fishing boat in Denmark when I was 3  

Party trick: I love to arm wrestle!

Most likely to say: Ooooh yes please

Least likely to say: No thank you

Hobbies: Camping, skiing, diving, reading, movies.

If it wasn't me I'd like to be: Richard Branson

Life ambition: To be a good Mum

Idol/Hero and why: My Mum – she’s amazing. Selfless, has the biggest heart and gives the best hugs

Top five dinner party guests (dead or alive): George Clooney, Elvis, Hugh Jackman, Eddie Izzard and Barack Obama

Most scared of: Aside from losing a loved one, sharks

Best Celebrity story: Interviewing Jay Kay in his pub while he served me a beer

The Worst Job I’ve ever had: Directing pizza drivers in London – lots of naffed off customers and lost drivers!!

The Strangest thing I’ve ever seen: My son Dylan's scan – obviously incredible, but he was looking right at us and he was just this little skull

One thing that you couldn’t live without: Cheese

My Worst Fashion disaster was: Royal blue fake satin peddle pushers

Not many people know this about me but: I have a daisy tatoo

The Best Bit of Advice my Mother told me was: For dry feet, smother them in Vaseline, put socks on and leave to do it’s magic overnight

Favourite place in Wales: Freshwater West, Pembroke

Favourite Welsh Celebrity: Can’t decide between Tom Jones and Kelly Jones