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Aimee tried to do Ibiza in 90 minutes... and failed miserably!

WATCH: Aimee Vivian Tried To Do Ibiza In 90 Minutes... In The Morning

Sarah Story managed to convince a stranger to join her on the sling shot!

WATCH: Sarah Story Got The Most Fabulous Stranger On A Sling Shot Ride With Her

Aimee Vivian challenged Will Manning to drop The Vengaboys at Cafe Mambo

WATCH: Will Manning Dropped The Vengaboys 'We're Going To Ibiza' For The Crowd At Cafe Mambo

Will Manning got the full glitter makeover...

WATCH: Will Manning’s Glitter Makeover To Fit In At Capital In Ibiza Is… Interesting!

When you go to Ibiza... and it's hammering it down with rain!

WATCH: When You Go To Ibiza... And It's Just Raining All Day Long

Jonas Blue serenaded Sarah Story while giving her a tour of his Ibiza villa.

WATCH: Jonas Blue Gave Sarah Story A Tour Of His Villa Studio... & Serenaded Her!