WATCH: Sonny Jay Pranks Ibiza Partygoers With Totally Made Up DJs... And It Works

16 August 2019, 09:48 | Updated: 16 August 2019, 10:16

Sonny Jay pranks people in Ibiza with fake DJ names
Sonny Jay pranks people in Ibiza with fake DJ names. Picture: Getty Creative

Sonny Jay hit the sunset strip in Ibiza to ask holiday goers if they were excited to see these invisible

Whilst out here in Ibiza, broadcasting from the iconic Café Mambo, our very own Sonny Jay hit the sunset strip to ask party goers which DJ they were most excited to see, only, they were completely made up.

From the infamous Patatas Bravas and DJ Calamari, Sonny slid some of the biggest fictional names in Spanish dance music into conversation with the revellers, who pretty much fell for the names hook, line and sinker.

Sonny even had groups chanting the fabricated DJ names out as if they were David Guetta, or Calvin Harris, proving how ready the people of Ibiza are ready to party, even if it's to somebody named after a Spanish pepper.

Or, as one guy added himself to the line-up, DJ garlic bread, who we think would fit right in to the catalogue of fake acts.

Whilst out here, one definitely real DJ that joined us is the man behind the enormous hits ‘Ritual’ and ‘Rise’, Jonas Blue, who we put through his paces during a game of 'Shocktails', which if you were wondering, did include him drinking something pretty revolting.

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