The 8 Embarrassing Dances Your BFF Will ALWAYS End Up Doing On A Night Out

11 July 2016, 16:01 | Updated: 12 July 2016, 09:43

Taylor Swift Dancing Valentines Day

Ibiza is probably THE best place in the world to show off your dance moves...even if it means letting you bestie off the leash on the dance floor.

We've all got that one friend that'll ask for a drink and by the time you've come back to the table, he or she is already on the dance floor shaking things up like a second rate Michael Jackson.

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But you know what? Without those types of mates, the party just wouldn't be the same would it? So here's to all those peeps willing to be the first to strut their stuff, we salute you!

1. The Miguel Leg Drop

If you see your BFF working out his or her trajectory from the one side of the club to another, you have ultimate permission to rugby tackle them asap. No wrestling on this here dance floor ok?

2. The Accidental Tickle

Oh look! He's actually found a girl willing to dance with't....ah he's blown it.

3. Whatever the hell this is...

If Taylor Swift looks awkward doing it, it is VERY likely you're bestie will too. Tape those hands together and hide her in a cupboard quick (that sounded a lot less sinister before we typed it).

4. Any form of dad dancing.

No, just no. Please God no.

5. The Ultimate Squad Move

This is what your friend thinks they look like when they've been able to wrangle two strangers, the 60 year old barman and a cleaner into a line next to them. We promise, they'll never look like 1D.

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6. The Sassy Cheerleader

Oh no, they've started winding up. They've got their game face on and they're literally not going to hold back. At this point you either hide from them forever or just join in.

7. The Merry-Go-Round

Your best friend has found someone they like and decided to go full on Leo on them. The problem is after a drink or two, spinning REALLY isn't the best choice.

8. The Classic Moonwalk

It is the end of the night and it has been a night of dance failure. However, there is a glimmer of hope...your BFF is ACTUALLY moonwalking, like really well...but just can't finish it off with the pizazz of MJ. 

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