Will There Be A Selling The OC Season 4? Here's Everything We Know

7 May 2024, 21:23 | Updated: 8 May 2024, 13:27

Will there be a Selling The OC season 4? Here's everything we know
Will there be a Selling The OC season 4? Here's everything we know. Picture: Netflix
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

When is Selling The OC season 4 coming out? Here's everything we know about the return of the Selling Sunset spin-off.

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And just like that, another dramatic season of Selling The OC has come and gone. After that ending with Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland, everyone is now dying to know if and when Selling The OC season 4 is coming...

Selling Sunset's equally messy sister show returned in May 2024 with a season full of drama (Austin and Sean's fight over an alleged threesome proposition!?), failed romance (Alex and Tyler?!) and flop open houses (justice for Ali!). After 8 episodes, we once again desperately need more from our fave Orange County agents.

Three huge cast departures have already been revealed. If Selling The OC season 4 gets renewed, Tyler, Sean Palmieri and Alexandra Jarvis will likely not return as they have all left the Oppenheim Group. Will the show add new agents to the cast? We'll have to wait and see. Here's everything we know about Selling The OC season 4 so far.

Will there be a Selling The OC season 4?

Selling The OC season 4: Do Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland start a relationship?
Selling The OC season 4: Do Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland start a relationship? Picture: Netflix

Selling The OC season 4: Has it been renewed it?

So far, Netflix has not confirmed whether or not Selling The OC will return for season 4. The series has yet to be renewed, but based on the drama surrounding the OC branch of the Oppenheim Group, they've surely got to pick the show up for another season, right?

The good news is that Selling Sunset will be returning for another season so Netflix is definitely not done with the O Group just yet! Selling The OC season 3 leaves viewers on a cliffhanger in regards to Alex and Tyler's relationship (which is no longer even a thing), and plenty has unfolded since cameras stopped filming. If season 4 does get renewed, it'll be a juicy season.

When does Selling The OC season 4 come out?

Seeing as season 4 has not been confirmed yet, there's no information on when the release date will be. Based on the cast's Instagram accounts, filming has not begun either. No one has teased anything concrete about season 4.

Fans might have to wait until 2025 for the show to return if it's picked up for season 4. Season 2 was released just over a year after season 1. Season 2 and 3 were filmed back-to-back which is why the wait for season 3 was much shorter.

We'll update this article as soon as we know more information.

Alex and Tyler have tense bonfire chat on Selling The OC

Selling The OC season 4 cast: Who will return?

Based on the end of season 3 and the agents who are still listed on the Oppenheim Group website, almost all of the cast will be back for more in season 4. The likes of Alex Hall, Polly Brindle, Gio Helou and Alexandra Rose will all return. As will Kayla Cardona who has a huge listing in the works, and Brandi Marshall, who is working on the new Sports division at the brokerage.

Here's the full list of Selling The OC cast members likely to return in season 4:

  • Jason Oppenheim
  • Brett Oppenheim
  • Alex Hall
  • Polly Brindle
  • Kayla Cardona
  • Brandi Marshall
  • Gio Helou
  • Austin Victoria
  • Lauren Brito
  • Ali Harper
  • Alexandra Rose

Sean Palmieri, Alexandra Jarvis and Tyler Stanaland have now left The Oppenheim Group, and will probably not appear in future seasons of the show.

Selling The OC season 4: Tyler Stanaland has left the Oppenheim Group
Selling The OC season 4: Tyler Stanaland has left the Oppenheim Group. Picture: Netflix

Will Tyler Stanaland be in Selling The OC season 4?

Tyler left the Oppenheim Group in October 2023 and is now working alongside his father and brother at Douglas Elliman. In his statement issued to PEOPLE, Tyler said: "Selling The OC revolves around agents at the Oppenheim Group. As of today, I will be working at Douglas Elliman."

Season 3 ended with Tyler asking Alex Hall not to go Italy with another man, hoping to make their relationship work.

If season 4 returns, viewers will likely see and hear Alex's side of the story regarding the break down of their relationship after she went on that trip, but Tyler will not appear in the show at all.

Selling The OC season 4: Alexandra Jarvis has left the Oppenheim Group
Selling The OC season 4: Alexandra Jarvis has left the Oppenheim Group. Picture: Netflix

Did Alexandra Jarvis leave Selling The OC?

In April 2024, Alexandra Jarvis confirmed her departure from the Oppenheim Group.

Speaking exclusively to PEOPLE, Jarvis revealed it was the "toxic culture" that prompted her to leave: "There were a lot of factors that went into my decision. I don't really think anyone's surprised by [my departure]. I don't really know what to say about it other than I just know when it's time to leave a party."

Thankfully, Jason Oppenheim has confirmed that he and Jarvis are "still on good terms", adding: "I don't want to speak for Jarvis, but ... she decided to do what's best for her, and I have a lot of respect for that."

It's unclear if Jarvis will make an appearance in Selling The OC season 4, but if she does, it won't be as a member of the O Group.

Why did Sean Palmieri quit the Oppenheim Group? Will he be in season 4?

Sean left The Oppenheim Group brokerage in November 2023. In an exclusive statement to ET, Sean said: "Unfortunately, the Oppenheim Group was not a culture fit for me and I’m really excited for the future as I just signed as a partner with an amazing, top-producing team and mentor, Steve Games, previous owner of Prudential California Realty and Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty. Our team recently just launched with Coldwell Banker West."

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