Selling The OC's Alex Hall And Tyler Stanaland No Longer Speak To Each Other

3 May 2024, 22:54

Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland no longer speak to each other after Selling The OC season 3
Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland no longer speak to each other after Selling The OC season 3. Picture: Netflix
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland's relationship is now completely over. Here's what Alex has revealed about where they stand today.

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Selling The OC's Alex Hall is spilling the tea on her relationship – or should we say, non-existentent relationship? – with Tyler Stanaland.

Alex and Tyler's will-they-won't-they relationship has played a huge part in the previous seasons of Selling The OC. In season 1, they were firmly friends who appeared to often flirt a little with each other. In season 2, in the wake of Tyler's divorce from Brittany Snow, the duo grew closer and acted on their feelings in a hot tub.

Before season 3 had already been released, Alex Hall confirmed that her and Tyler's relationship was over before it even began, revealing that he blocked her on social media. Season 3 provides viewers will a glimpse of how their relationship failed, and includes Alex dating other men.

Tyler has now quit the Oppenheim Group and, by extension, the show. According to Alex, she has not spoken to him at all since that went down. Here's what she had to say...

Alex Hall reveals where she and Tyler stand after Selling The OC season 3
Alex Hall reveals where she and Tyler stand after Selling The OC season 3. Picture: Netflix

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Alex confessed: "Tyler and I don't speak. I haven't spoken to him since very shortly after he left the Oppenheim Group or maybe the day that it was announced."

"I had a conversation with him. There was some revelations that were made, not by his choice, but some things that came to the surface that gave me some understanding and clarity on why certain things progressed or didn't progress throughout season 3," she continued.

Alex did not disclose what those revelations were, nor are they brought up in season 3 of Selling The OC. She did, however, explained that the conversation gave her perspective and that she's now moving on and putting everything behind her. 

"[It] kind of gave me the closure that I needed, I guess," she said. "I wish him nothing but the best. I just don't want to be dragged through it any further."

In a different interview with E! News, Alex said: "We don't stand united. We don't stand together, we don't stand in sync, there's no relationship there."

Alex and Tyler have tense bonfire chat on Selling The OC

Back in 2023, at the Selling Sunset reunion, Alex revealed that Tyler had blocked her on social media and "excommunicated" her from his life. She also had no idea that he had left the brokerage "until he pretty much left."

Elsewhere, Alex has recently been speaking out against Tyler's ex-wife Brittany Snow's recent Call Her Daddy interview, where Brittany implied that Tyler had been 'unfaithful' in their marriage. Brittany did not mention Alex by name.

On Instagram, Alex wrote: "This post is meant to clarify and set the record straight on recent allegations seemingly aimed towards me. I myself have NEVER been unfaithful in a relationship. Nor have I EVER been a counterpart to someone being unfaithful in their own relationship. PERIOD."

"Please stop trying to string together a narrative that simply is NOT true," she continued. "These untruths are extremely hurtful and go deeply against my being and what I believe in. Really hoping this ends here once and for all and I wish nothing but the best for the respective parties surrounding this."

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