What Actually Happened With Georgia H & Anton After Love Island All Stars?

3 May 2024, 12:38

Love Island's Georgia H and Anton have split
Love Island's Georgia H and Anton have split. Picture: Instagram @anton_danyluk

By Abbie Reynolds

So, Georgia Harrison and Anton Danyluk have split since leaving Love Island All Stars, but what happened? - The rumours explained.

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Love Island All Stars finalists Georgia Harrison and Anton Danyluk didn't get off to the best start on the show with Georgia saying Anton gave her 'the ick'. However they moved past this and left the villa looking like they were smitten with one another.

One person who couldn't get past the ick comment was Anton's mum Sherie Ann Danyluk, who called Georgia out for this on the podcast 'What's The Crack' which she hosts with Anton. She told Georgia: “I lost sleep over you, you did my nut in.”

Georgia insisted she had never spoken badly about Anton but Sherie reminded her of the ick comment. Days after the podcast went live Georgia sparked split rumours from a video she posted saying she was fleeing the country in an attempt to 'cure her depression'.

The breakup rumours were then inflamed by Anton's various public appearances with All Stars co-star Hannah Elizabeth but a clip he shared on his Instagram talking about having babies with Georgia dampened down the rumours.

They didn't stay damp for long though. Anton has been found to have liked posts that scold Georgia, suggesting they have called it quits for good. But what are these posts and what happened to the once loved-up pair?

Anton Danyluk has been seen liking negative posts about Georgia Harrison
Anton Danyluk has been seen liking negative posts about Georgia Harrison. Picture: Getty

What happened between Love Island's Georgia H & Anton?

After coming fifth in the first ever All Stars edition of the show, Love Island couple Georgia and Anton entered the real world looking like the dream couple.

They posted videos from their date nights together, went live on TikTok and did various interviews as a happy couple. Anton even posted a picture of them from a premiere in March with the caption: "FYI.... it's going well."

However, somewhere between them landing back in the UK and now things must have turned sour as Anton has been found to have liked some posts suggesting he is not at all happy with Georgia.

Many people were sceptical about the couple, including some of their fellow islanders who voted them 'game players' and 'most likely to split', and amid news that Georgia and Anton officially called things off sceptics took their opinions online.

One wrote: “Georgia was never into him, a flat battery had more spark. She needed to save face and see it through to this stage and now she’s bolted.” 

Josh storms off after Anton and Georgia H confront the villa

“Georgia played him in Love Island and carried it out," another began, "I reckon the only reason she stayed for a while outside is to make herself look like she was genuine."

“Anton’s mum seen through it so did many others. He deserves better, Hannah would be a lovely match,” came another viewer's opinion.

Anton liked all the above comments which suggested that things didn't end on good terms with him and Georgia. He also posted on Instagram a picture dump of him and Hannah with the caption: "Few days with the bestie always lifts the spirits."

Anton calls Hannah his bestie
Anton calls Hannah his bestie. Picture: Instagram @anton_danyluk

In the comments a friend said, "Here for you mate x" and Anton replied: "Needed just now."

It's unclear exactly what happened between Anton and Georgia but it seems like there may have been some unrequited feelings which has left the Scottish hunk feeling low.

A source told the tabloids that distance was a key factor in their relationship coming to an end, they said: "Georgia and Anton have split. They really tried hard to make the relationship work but ultimately the distance proved too much to manage."

The same source also insisted that things ended on good terms and claimed they will remain friends. Since these source quotes, Anton has spoken out about the split.

What have Anton and Georgia H said about their breakup?

Anton says Georgia tried but ultimately they didn't have the 'spark'
Anton says Georgia tried but ultimately they didn't have the 'spark'. Picture: Getty

Anton publicly addressed the split on his podcast, he said: “I thought it was be best to talk about it on the podcast so you can hear it from the horse’s mouth.

"In the press, a source said the distance was the issue, now we were in London every other week so I don’t think distance was the issue. Obviously that wasn’t the case. I just wanted to clear up the whole break up in general. I think it’s we’ve come out of the villa and we tried to give it a fair go but I think it’s fair to say...”

His mum/co-host cut in saying: "You did see each other quite a lot, but me being your mother I just knew within that it was actually just a really really good friendship, I think the two of you got more into that friendship with each other.”

“I just don’t think there was really that romantic spark there," Anton replied, "We did both try. At times it was there but just not enough for it to continue as a relationship.”

Anton said Georgia "had so many people on her side wanting it to work for her but it was just never there for her I don’t think”.

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