Love Island's Georgia H Finds Proof In Anton's Diary They Were Meant To Be

6 March 2024, 12:58

Georgia Harrison and Anton Danyluk spilled on what happened when she read his diary
Georgia Harrison and Anton Danyluk spilled on what happened when she read his diary. Picture: Georgia H/Instagram / Global

By Kathryn Knight

Love Island All Stars finalists Georgia Harrison and Anton Danyluk really are meant to be, the proof is in their diary entries!

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Georgia Harrison and Anton Danyluk have had a whirlwind experience since jetting home from Love Island All Stars in South Africa, where they spent five weeks getting to know each other and becoming a firm favourite couple among viewers.

And although their relationship went from strength to strength as they connected over their passion for meditation and keeping a gratitude journal, they didn't realise at first just how similar they really are.

When they stopped by Capital HQ to give us an update on life after Love Island, Georgia spilled she'd read Anton's gratitude journal after he accidentally left it in their hotel room in the bathroom, only to find that before entering All Stars they'd been jotting down the exact same manifestations.

After arriving back in London Georgia stayed with Anton at a hotel and to avoid waking her early one morning he wrote his diary in the bathroom, accidentally leaving it under the sink. Naturally, Georgia read the page it had fallen open on and she was shocked to see his entries, discovering they really are meant to be.

Georgia Harrison and Anton Danyluk at Capital HQ
Georgia Harrison and Anton Danyluk at Capital HQ. Picture: Global

Georgia explained: "Coming into this we both said we we were looking for someone who we can use our platform together [sic] to inspire people and it’s really weird you had that intention the same as I did."

Anton chimed in: "Go on, tell them how you know about this... She read my diary!"

Georgia clarified: "I didn’t read his diary!" adding, "He left a gratitude journal on the floor of the hotel underneath the sink and I thought ‘oh what’s that?’ And I opened it and it was basically a gratitude diary and it was him basically saying he wants to meet someone he can help inspire other people and use their platform with – and it’s weird because it was the same thing I was writing."

She added she took the book with her because she didn't want someone else to stumble across it.

Georgia Harrison and Anton Danyluk on Love Island All Stars
Georgia Harrison and Anton Danyluk on Love Island All Stars. Picture: Georgia Harrison/Instagram

"I read one page! My best friend read the rest of it," Georgia confirmed.

Laughing, Anton replied: "Oh that’s better, so you shared it with your best friend – wow!"

Georgia clarified Anton had said he was happy for them to read it, adding: "Do you want me to bring up the 'to do' list as well?" Without waiting for Anton to reply, Georgia went on: "The first thing on it was ‘shave body’, then there was ‘makeup’, then there was ‘wear deodorant’ and then there was ‘learn Shaggy lyrics.’"

A blushing Anton said he thought the talent contest was going to happen on the show, so he wanted to prepare himself and learn some Shaggy lyrics because "I do a really good Shaggy impression."

Anton makes heartfelt speech at recoupling

Reminding us how well-suited they are, Anton steered the chat back: "I think it was nice because it’s all good and well when you’re in there and we’d spoken a lot about manifesting, so I think for you to actually see what I practice and what I wrote it meant a lot to you."

Georgia agreed: "I knew he’d said those things but to see he was writing the exact same things as me before coming into the villa, with really pure intentions and the same things I want, I think the universe wanted me to read that diary."

"I can’t be annoyed, you’re right," Anton said.

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