What Happened Between Georgia Harrison And Casey O'Gorman?

31 January 2024, 14:47 | Updated: 2 February 2024, 10:42

Love Island's Casey O'Gorman walking into the villa alongside a shocked picture of Georgia Harrison
Love Island's Casey O'Gorman is looking to explore his connections further in the villa. Picture: ITV2

By Zoe Adams

Love Island All Stars has been delivering on the awkward exes front but how do Georgia H and Casey know one another? Did they date? Here are the details.

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Casey O'Gorman strode into the Love Island All Stars villa as a bombshell with some unfinished business with Georgia Harrison.

As another couple of islanders with history, the series 9 contestant, who is best mates with Tom Clare, admitted Georgia H was at the top of his list and it could all be down to a connection explored outside of the ITV2 show.

So how do they know one another? And have they dated before? Well, like with most relationships in and out of the villa, things are complicated.

And as if that wasn't difficult enough, Casey has also confessed he has his eye on Georgia Steel, someone he has been on holiday with and wants to see if there's a "romantic connection".

Georgia Harrison in a bikini in the Love Island villa
Georgia Harrison is said to have romantic feelings towards the new Love Island bombshell. Picture: ITV2

What happened between Georgia Harrison and Casey O'Gorman?

The pair dated in September 2023 but seem to have split over a difference of opinions when it comes to the "spiritual world". Speaking in the Love Island All Stars villa Georgia H asked Casey if he "just went off" of her as she said she blocked him after he ghosted her.

"Do you really wanna know what did push me back?" Casey asked her before admitting: "You know, me I'm not really much of a spiritual person... you mentioned my grandad and stuff like that and it really thew me off."

Georgia acknowledged that she had taken part in a spiritual retreat while they were dating but insisted that she "never pushed those things" onto him.

Whilst meditating on the retreat Georgia had felt a "connection" to what she described as the 'other side' and expressed this to Casey.

"That was just way too spiritual for me," Casey told her, finally letting her know the real reason their relationship came to an end.

Casey tells Georgia H the reason why he ghosted her

Despite their spiritual differences, before heading into the villa, Casey confessed that Georgia H was one of the top girls he wanted to explore a connection with.

Prior to going in, he said: "Georgia H as well - I know her and we have had a good time together. It’ll be interesting to see if it can develop in any way."

A source has said: "Georgia was really keen on Casey and liked him a lot, he's just her type - a cheeky chappy with a great body and sense of humour.

Casey O'Gorman in the winter Love Island villa in 2024
Casey O'Gorman has expressed his feelings towards both the Georgia's in the villa. Picture: ITV2

"But Casey has really enjoyed the high life since Love Island and wanted to stay single so they kept things casual."

Despite being pictured leaving an event together last year, any other moments shared between the two have been kept private.

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