Love Island Tom Clare: Height, Age And Family Revealed

9 February 2023, 17:20 | Updated: 10 March 2023, 16:37

Love Island's Tom Clare
Love Island's Tom Clare has proved a popular hit with the ladies. Picture: ITV2
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Tom Clare has been getting to know a lot of people on Love Island 2023 so it's time we got to know him a bit better too - from his job to his Instagram account, here are his important details.

Love Island brought Tom Clare in as the first big bombshell on the very first day in the new villa and since then he's opened himself up to a lot of the girls including Olivia Hawkins, Ellie Spence and most recently, Samie Elishi, who he's got pretty serious with.

However, while Tom may be pretty settled in his couple, we thought it was time we took a closer look at the sports star and what we really should know about him.

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From his age (which has shocked most Love Island viewers!) to his height and his sporting career - here are all the important facts a true fan should know.

Tom Clare with a black cap on sunbathing
Tom Clare has kept his options open while in the Love Island villa. Picture: ITV

Who is Love Island star Tom Clare?

Age: 23

From: Skelmersdale, Lancashire

Job: Footballer

Tom has had his fair share of interest in the Love Island villa and is struggling to close himself off to any lady in particular - although Samie is doing a pretty good job of it.

Prior to entering the villa, he said a "stuck up" girl is the worst trait in the opposite sex, even if she was a 10/10.

He described himself as a "good laugh" and "vibe" and said you wouldn't see him do anything "snakey" in the villa.

How tall is Love Island's Tom Clare?

It's fair to say Tom's height has been a major winning factor for the girls of the villa.

At 6ft 5inches, he was the tallest in the villa until bombshell Jordan came in and matched it.

Tom Clare and Samie on the Love Island sofas
Tom Clare believes he genuinely has a connection with bombshell Samie. Picture: ITV2

A look inside Love Island Tom's career

Tom is a semi-professional football player who plays for Macclesfield FC and can proudly say he was the teams top scorer during the 2012/22 season.

Tom was granted an "extended period of leave" so he could appear on Love Island but has insisted he will return following his villa experience.

Who are Love Island Tom Clare's family?

Tom's family have remained out of the spotlight while he does his thing in South Africa but have stepped forward to say how proud of him they are.

His sister Laura, who is an influencer, shared a family photo on Instagram and wrote: "We are always more than proud of you."

Tom and Ellie share secret kiss on Love Island

Is Love Island Tom on Instagram?

Of course! You can find his Instagram page at @tomclare__. However, this account will remain silent until he leaves the villa due to new ITV2 rules regarding social media.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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