Why Love Island Fans Aren’t Rooting For Molly Smith And Tom Clare

7 February 2024, 11:53

Tom Clare and Molly Smith have grown close on All Stars
Tom Clare and Molly Smith have grown close on All Stars. Picture: ITV2

By Kathryn Knight

Love Island viewers are still holding out hope for Callum Jones and Molly Smith to reunite, meaning many can’t get on board with her romance with Tom Clare.

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Tom Clare seems smitten with Molly Smith on Love Island All Stars, telling her in a candid conversation his head wouldn’t turn for anyone else and he doesn’t want to bother getting to know any of the other girls.

Molly’s new romance is a big step for her after unexpectedly coming face to face with ex Callum Jones, who she was with for three and a half years after series six.

But even though Molly and Tom seem like one of the strongest couples in the villa, fans can’t get on board with their new relationship for one reason – they’re rooting for Molly to get back with Callum.

After Tuesday's recoupling, one viewer wrote on X (formerly Twitter): “Callum looking happy for Molly and Tom. Cute but this isn’t the storyline we wanted.”

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“That was nice Tom but we’re team Molly and Callum,” commented a second.

Fans have been pointing out how Callum and Molly continue to catch each other’s eyes.

Another said: “We all know Molly and Tom ain't lasting on the outside so this is literally pointless. I beg Callum, pls go collect your girl because I need you two together like my heart is dying with the way they smile at eachother yk there's something there [sic].”

“Molly wants to get married. I’m under the impression that she wants something bare serious and baby Tom is not the person for this,” feared a fourth.

Molly Smith's ex Callum Jones said he'd always have her back
Molly Smith's ex Callum Jones said he'd always have her back. Picture: ITV2

Meanwhile, some fans are predicting their relationship won’t work in the outside world because Molly still has feelings for Callum.

One fan predicted: “Tom will ask Molly to close it off and Molly will say no and then it’ll cause an argument Callum will comfort her and she will admit she can’t close off with Tim cause she still has feelings for Callum. STAY WITH ME EVERYONE.”

“Am I the only one who thinks Molly is not into Tom at all whereas Tom genuinely likes her? Like girl would defo have taken Callum back in a heartbreak if he had mentioned getting back together yesterday,” added another.

Molly seemed to hint she thought she and Callum had a chance to rekindle things earlier in All Stars, after Georgia S compared their relationship to her brief fling with Toby Aromolaran at the PDA Awards.

Tom Clare said he wouldn't have his head turned by anyone else
Tom Clare said he wouldn't have his head turned by anyone else. Picture: ITV2

As she stormed off crying, Molly said: “I don't know why I am getting so upset but she's p***** me off. It just really annoys me that she's trying to compare her and Toby to my three and half year relationship that I stepped to the side for, for her to crack on [with Callum]."

Molly and Callum split in September 2023, reportedly because Molly was done waiting for Callum to propose.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

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