Where Is Georgia Steel's Love Island Ex Sam Bird Now?

5 February 2024, 18:00 | Updated: 7 February 2024, 09:13

Here's the latest on Georgia Steel's ex Sam Bird
Here's the latest on Georgia Steel's ex Sam Bird. Picture: Getty

By Abbie Reynolds

Georgia Steel is in 'Love Island All Stars' but what is her ex-boyfriend Sam Bird up to since he left the villa? Here's what we know.

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Back in 2018 Sam Bird and Georgia Steel found love in the Love Island villa, after leaving the show as a pair they dated for three months and even moved in together.

Now that Georgia is back looking for love in the All Stars villa, fans are wondering what happened to the romance she shared with Sam and what he is up to now?

During his time on the show he was also coupled up with Samira Mighty and Ellie Jones before partnering with Georgia.

Now, six years on it seems the wedding bells have rang for Sam as he is settled down with his wife Kailah Casillas. Here's all the details you need to know about Georgia's ex.

Sam Bird and Georgia Steel met on Love Island in 2018
Sam Bird and Georgia Steel met on Love Island in 2018. Picture: Getty

What happened with Georgia Steel and Sam Bird?

After their time together on Love Island series four Georgia and Sam left as a couple and dated for three months. At one point they even moved in together. However they soon split after it was reported that Georgia had cheated on Sam, something which she denies.

Sam was said to have come across texts which he believed to show Georgia had cheated on him with her ex.

In a post Georgia addressed the news, saying: “I will put my hands up and say yeah I do admit I went round his house and stayed the night in the spare room but NOTHING did happen.

"I'm honestly not like that. I went over to collect some things which he had of mine which I needed for the flat and then ended up having a heart to heart as I was very down as me and Sam had been constantly arguing.

"Sam now wants to believe that I did cheat on him but in reality the relationship ended due to the fact I fell out of love.”

Georgia Steel and Sam Bird after Love Island 2018
Georgia Steel and Sam Bird after Love Island 2018. Picture: Getty

Where is Love Island's Sam Bird now?

Former personal trainer Sam, who left Love Island coupled up with Georgia Steel back in 2018, is now working as a digital creator and DJ. He can be found travelling the world hosting his own DJ sets on his Instagram: @samrobertbird.

Is Love Island's Sam Bird married?

Yes, in 2020 Sam proposed to his then-girlfriend Kailah Casillas and they tied the knot in Gibralta in March 2022. He shared their entire wedding in a vlog on his YouTube channel.

Sam Bird is married to Kailah Casillas
Sam Bird is married to Kailah Casillas. Picture: Instagram: Sam Bird

Who is Sam Bird's wife?

Sam is married to Kailah Casillas who is an American TV reality star known for appearing on MTV show The Challenge. The pair eloped for their wedding after a secret 18-month engagement.

In a social media post she wrote: "We eloped, I never dreamt of having a big wedding, so we decided to take a trip to Gibraltar and do it the most intimate way possible, just us."

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