What Happened Between Georgia Steel And Joanna Chimonides?

1 February 2024, 16:27

Georgia Steel and Joanna Chimonides seem to be in a feud
Georgia Steel and Joanna Chimonides seem to be in a feud. Picture: ITV/Instagram

By Kathryn Knight

Another connection between Islanders has been revealed; Joanna Chimonides and Georgia Steel – but it looks like this time around it's a potential feud or rift after they didn't seem to interact on Joanna's first day.

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Joanna Chimonides joined Love Island: All Stars as a bombshell this week and shortly after her arrival it became clear she and Georgia Steel have some sort of history.

The girls used to be best friends and would even frequently make TikTok videos together however viewers quickly noticed the two barely spoke to one another on Joanna’s first day in the villa after she arrived with fellow bombshell Casey O’Gorman.

Fans are now wondering if something happened between Georgia and Joanna and, if so, why they fell out.

Joanna Chimonides has entered Love Island: All Stars
Joanna Chimonides has entered Love Island: All Stars. Picture: ITV2

What happened between Georgia Steel and Joanna Chimonides?

It’s not known exactly what – if anything – caused a fallout between Georgia and Joanna before they both showed up on All Stars but some friends of the ex Islanders have confirmed they did have a row.

On an Instagram Live on Wednesday, Elma Pazar, Olivia Hawkins and Francesca Allen discussed Joanna’s arrival and how things could get awkward between her and Georgia.

Elma said: “If she picks Callum that will be World War Three with her and [Georgia] because [Georgia] was really close with her."

Olivia added: "You know what is so hard? Going in there you have to put friendship aside," and Elma agreed: "It's the aim of the game."

Georgia Steel has been sleeping in bed with Callum Jones
Georgia Steel is coupled up with Callum Jones. Picture: ITV2

Confirming their fallout, Francesca said: “They were really close, they were friends and then they had a little bit of a row and I don't think they've spoken much since then so I don't know if Jo is going to really care as much to 'steal her man'."

Olivia added: "If I was giving Jo advice going in I'd say just do you," as Elma agreed: "I feel like as someone who is going in as an All Star you would just be doing you."

Things were frosty between Georgia Steel and Joanna Chimonides
Things were frosty between Georgia Steel and Joanna Chimonides. Picture: ITV2

“You'd have to because say her [Joanna] and [Georgia] weren't speaking in two months then she'd be like, 'Why did I do that?’” Olivia went on. “You've just got to do what you've got to do.”

It’s not known exactly why Georgia and Joanna fell out but a video has resurfaced from Joanna’s podcast with Kady McDermott in which they talk about ‘cutting off a mutual friend’, and fans are speculating whether they were talking about Georgia.

However both the women talk about blocking this particular person ‘on everything’ and they both still follow Georgia on Instagram so it’s unlikely that’s who they were talking about.

Joanna and Georgia have been friends since 2021 and have featured on each other’s social channels a lot over the years.

Whether they'll address it on All Stars remains to be seen.

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