Nicholas Galitzine On The Easter Eggs You Missed In ‘The Idea Of You’

3 May 2024, 18:02

Nicholas Galitzine shared the Easter eggs you missed in The Idea of You
Nicholas Galitzine shared the Easter eggs you missed in The Idea of You. Picture: Alamy/Prime Video

By Kathryn Knight

Nicholas Galitzine told us the little clues that he embedded in his character Hayes in The Idea of You.

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Nicholas Galitzine used a number of factors to build out his character in The Idea of You, in order to add some depth to his boyband persona, including the very specific tattoos he picked and by mentioning little facts about Hayes that fans might not have picked up on.

The 29-year-old plays a 24-year-old pop star in boyband August Moon, and he told us when he popped into Capital HQ that when creating the character it was a team effort in making Hayes who he was.

And in picking some very specific tattoos and making a very specific joke about Scunthorpe, these were just small Easter eggs that referred to Hayes’ deeper identity, for example where he’s from and where his step dad was meant to be from.

Hayes' tattoos in The Idea of You hold a clue to his character
Hayes' tattoos in The Idea of You hold a clue to his character. Picture: Alamy/Prime Video

He spilled: “I think a lot of that [refining the character] is how collaborative the team are and this is a project where people were so collaborative, from Annie to makeup to crew. For me it was important to get a sense of who Hayes was. In building him out, I’m thinking ‘what is his heritage?’ Maybe he has Scottish heritage, I’d like a tattoo of a thistle on his calf because that’s a natural flower of Scotland, at least what I associate with Scotland.

“So these things become very very personal, you never reference it in the project but they help really bed you in to who you’re playing and they feel very original to you.”

He added: “Oftentimes, the majority of those little easter eggs you don’t really talk about, but you become really familiar and they get embedded in to who you’re playing.”

The Idea of You is on Prime Video
The Idea of You is on Prime Video. Picture: Prime Video

We also had to quiz Nicholas on that Scunthorpe reference, which he insists wasn’t shade and instead was an Easter egg for British people.

In the film, Hayes calls the town a 's***hole' when telling Soléne (Anne Hathaway) where his step dad is from.

“Listen I don’t want to cast shade to Scunthorpe okay! I would gladly spend the day in Scunthorpe,” he cleared up. “I should go and spend a day in Scunthorpe.”

“My step dad in the movie is supposedly from Scunthorpe – and Annie thought that was hilarious by the way, she’s never been to Scunthorpe either. But I think this notion of this far off man who speaks very sort of differently from my accent, she thought was so amusing.”

The Idea of You is streaming now on Prime Video
The Idea of You sees Hayes, 24, fall for Soléne, 4. Picture: Alamy/Prime Video

He continued: “It’s an Easter egg for English people specifically, I think no one else will get it.”

We're glad we cleared that up!

The Idea of You is available to stream on Prime Video now.

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