Meet The Band From 'The Idea Of You' – August Moon

2 May 2024, 10:26 | Updated: 8 May 2024, 12:23

Here are all the details on August Moon the boy band from 'The Idea Of You' movie
Here are all the details on August Moon the boy band from 'The Idea Of You' movie. Picture: Instagram @augustmoon

By Abbie Reynolds

The boy band 'August Moon' was created for the film 'The Idea Of You' but they have released music for REAL, so here are all the details about them, from the band members to their songs.

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New film The Idea Of You is the unexpected love story we're all obsessed with. The rom-com stars Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine who play a divorced mother and a 20-year-old pop star that fall in love.

The movie is based off a 2017 book written by Robinne Lee who has since come out to say that one of the main characters, Hayes was inspired by none other than Harry Styles as well as Prince Harry and some other famous men who make up her "dream guy".

In the book and the film the Harry Styles-esque character is part of a boy band, a little bit like One Direction, however the band is called August Moon.

And what started as fiction has now become reality; ahead of the film's premiere, August Moon have release their music for real and even have their own social media accounts.

So, for all you Directioners and curious-minded film fanatics we have gathered all the info you need to know about 1D 2.0 - from the individual boys who make up the members to their songs, here are all the details on August Moon.

Hayes from August Moon performing to their 'Moonheads'
Hayes from August Moon performing to their 'Moonheads'. Picture: Instagram @augustmoon

Who are the band August Moon?

August Moon was originally a fictional boy band created by writer Robinne for her book 'The Idea of You'. However, it has been adapted into a film and the five boys who make up the boy band in the movie have released their music and created social media accounts IRL as August Moon.

So, although all the boys who make up the band are acting as someone else, it's their real voices and the music is available to be listened to in the real world.

In the book and film August Moon have a loyal base of fans who are known as 'The Moonheads' and since starting their social media presence outside of the film there are fans of the band who have given themselves this name. Particularly on X, formerly known as Twitter, there are 'Moonheads' waiting to see what August Moon do next.

Anne Hathaway and Nicolas Galitzine play Never Have I Ever

Who is in the band August Moon?

The semi-fictional band is made up of five boys called Hayes, Oliver, Simon Rory, and Adrian. The lead singer is played by Nicholas Galitzine and the other bandmates are portrayed by Jaiden Anthony, Raymond Cham Jr, Viktor White and Dakota Adan. Nicholas is a British actor but the other four boys all hail from the US, specifically California.

  • Hayes played by Nicholas Galitzine
  • Oliver played by Raymond Cham Jr
  • Simon played by Viktor White
  • Rory played Dakota Adan
  • Adrian played by Jaiden Anthony
August Moon, from left to right - Simon, Oliver, Hayes, Rory, Adrian
August Moon, from left to right - Simon, Oliver, Hayes, Rory, Adrian. Picture: Instagram @augustmoon

Have August Moon released music - what are their songs?

August Moon have released a few songs from The Idea of You; 'Dance Before We Walk', 'Closer', which is dedicated to Soléne in the movie, and 'Taste'. The songs are available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music.

Songwriters Savan Kotecha and Carl Falk worked on One Direction's first and second albums, including their debut single 'What Makes you Beautiful', so you're not wrong for thinking August Moon's songs sound similar to 1D.

August Moon - Dance Before We Walk Lyric Video | The Idea Of You

Are August Moon based on One Direction?

You will notice many similarities between August Moon and One Direction as they are both boy bands made up of five men with a die-hard fanbase. But author Robinne - who created the semi-fictional band - has been clear in saying the book (and now film) that August Moon are in isn't directly linked Harry Styles and therefore the band is not directly linked to One Direction.

However, she took inspiration from Harry's life and said she wanted the lead singer of the band to be "akin" to him, so it is fair to say that, as a concept, August Moon is based off of One Direction. In an interview with Vogue in 2020 the writer said August Moon's lead singer was based on "her dream guy" which would be "Prince-Harry-meets-Harry-[Styles]" and a little bit of Eddie Redmayne.

Kotecha and Falk were asked by GQ if they were aware fans had been linking August Moon to One Direction when they were asked to be involved in the music and they said it never entered their minds at first.

Nicholas Galitzine as Hayes in The Idea of You
Nicholas Galitzine as Hayes in The Idea of You. Picture: Alamy/Prime Video

Kotecha said: "That's the weird thing. Now, when people talk about it, it seems obvious that it would be, but at the time, it was very specifically like, 'We don't want it to be a Harry Styles fanfic movie.' It was written before Harry's famous relationship, which people thought that it might resemble. [The book] was written in 2017.

"Now, looking back it's like, yeah, of course, people are going to think that, but One Direction didn't really come into my head. It's kind of funny to us now because, I guess when we get together and write these pop songs, that's what they sound like."

The Idea of You is streaming on Prime Video now.

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