Does Nicholas Galitzine Have A Girlfriend?

2 May 2024, 13:22 | Updated: 8 May 2024, 17:30

Does Nicholas Galitzine have a girlfriend/partner?
Does Nicholas Galitzine have a girlfriend/partner? Picture: Getty

By Abbie Reynolds

'The Idea Of You' actor Nicholas Galitzine is everyone's crush right now, but is he on the market or is he a taken man with a girlfriend or partner? Here's what we know.

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Nicholas Galitzine rose to fame in Prime Video‘s Red, White and Royal Blue playing the part of a handsome young royal and now he is Anne Hathaway's love interest in The Idea Of You.

Naturally, the more fans see of Nicholas the more they want to know, and with him playing the charming, Harry Styles-esque character of August Moon singer Hayes in The Idea Of You which has an amazing soundtrack – of course we are all wondering if his charm and good looks are put to use IRL.

The star has opened up about struggling with relationships in the limelight. Speaking to People he said: “I am acutely aware that I am so lucky to do the job that I do, but it, like any job, has its pitfalls.

“The transience of the job, never really being in the same place at the same time as maybe family or relationships, can be really difficult, really straining.”

A recent Instagram story has fans convinced that he is in fact in a serious relationship, here's everything we know about his relationship status...

Nicholas Galitzine plays opposite Anne Hathaway in 'The Idea Of You'
Nicholas Galitzine stars opposite Anne Hathaway in 'The Idea Of You'. Picture: Alamy

Does Nicholas Galitzine have a girlfriend?

Nicholas, 29, has kept his private life understandably private which means we don't know much about who he is or isn't dating. However in March 2024 on his IG story he shared a picture of him holding someone's hand.

Everyone has been considering this a soft launch of his girlfriend, so since he posted the picture fans are asking: Who is this mystery person?

Of course internet sleuths have been dissecting the picture trying to decide who the hand belongs to. The main clue they've been looking at is the nails.

While most of reddit is convinced the lady is model Cameron Valentina there is some discourse about how she usually has her nails completely natural. (You guys really notice everything.)

Anne Hathaway and Nicolas Galitzine play Never Have I Ever

Nicholas shares this picture to his Instagram story
Nicholas shared this picture to his Instagram story. Picture: Instagram/Reddit

The actor has kept completely tight-lipped about the person in the photo he posted - very cryptic of you Nicholas!

Many fans are desperate for him to strike up a real life relationship with his co-star Taylor Zakhar-Perez who's his love interest in the film RW&RB. On The Oscars red carpet Taylor admitted that Nicholas was a good kisser.

"You know what, he is a good kisser," he said, "We had to practice a lot, so. Practice makes perfect.” This of course has the shippers going wild.

Nicholas isn't shy about showing off the friendships he has formed throughout his work, depsite everyone wanting to ship him with everyone.

He and Taylor have remained close friends since filming and he also has a close relationship his Cinderella co-star Camilla Cabello. They were photographed together at an Oscar's after party in 2024. He also posted the above pic of them a while back with the caption: "Luv you."

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