WATCH: Jonas Blue Calls Out Marvin Humes For Being “Boring”…

28 July 2018, 11:48

Ibiza’s all about having the time of your life. But if Jonas Blue’s tale of Marvin Humes is anything to go by, maybe Marv just didn’t get the memo…

Jonas Blue kindly invited us to his villa during #CapitalInIbiza, so we could check out his crib, listen to his upcoming beats, and chat about his current residency on the White Isle.

Marvin Humes is also performing alongside the ‘Rise’ producer, and it’s up to Jonas Blue to sort out Marv’s requests for his arrival.

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Luckily, for Jonas Blue, they’re all pretty simple. Just get Marvin a load of protein bars. In the words of Jonas, Marvin’s actually pretty boring. (His words, Marv; not ours!)

He then also told us that Marvin likes to request a few weights be left in his room, and then called out Marvin, saying he could never lift anything so heavy.

Still, at least what happens in Ibiza, erm… Gets written into an article and published to our website for everyone to see.

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