WATCH: Jonas Blue Gave Sarah Story A Tour Of His Villa Studio... & Serenaded Her!

18 August 2018, 08:41

It all got a little romantic when Jonas Blue took Sarah Story on a tour of his studio in Ibiza...

It's not every day you get to hang out at the villa of a superstar DJ, so obviously we had to get Sarah Story to stop by Jonas Blue's Ibiza pad for a cheeky tour of his studio... which even ended with a rather romantic serenade!

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Jonas showed off his high tech equipment... and we're going to be honest, we have literally no idea what half of those things actually do, but they look hella impressive and they help make some of the biggest hit songs so, we're down with them.

When they reached Jonas' piano, he sat down to serenade our Sarah and the mood took a very different turn.

We'll just leave you guys to it, shall we?!

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